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Article: Albert Einstein's Intelligence Test. Let's See What You Got!

Albert Einstein's Intelligence Test. Let's See What You Got! - DSF Antique Jewelry
Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein's Intelligence Test. Let's See What You Got!

Nearly a century ago, Albert Einstein devised a very difficult intelligence test. The famous scientist claimed that only 2% of people could solve it.

Why? Because the clues were difficult to follow and decipher.

Albert Einstein's intelligence test actually relies on orderly thinking, logic, and a lot of patience.

If you fail the test it doesn't necessarily mean you're not intelligent, it just means you're more scattered in your thinking, or you lose your patience more easily than the ones who pass it.

The Details Of Albert Einstein's Intelligence Test


1. There are five houses, each a different color.

2. In each house lives one person, each of a different nationality.

3. Each resident likes a certain drink, smokes a certain brand of cigarettes, and owns a certain pet.

4. None of the 5 people drink the same drink, smoke the same brand of cigarettes, and own the same pet.

The following are given:

a) The Brit lives in the red house;

b) The Swede has a dog;

c) The Dane enjoys drinking tea;

d) The green house is to the left of the white house;

e) The person who stays in the green house drinks coffee;

f) The person who smokes Pall Mall has a bird;

g) The person who stays in the middle house drinks milk;

h) The person who stays in the yellow house smokes Dunhill;

i) The Norwegian lives in the first house;

j) The Marlboro smoker lives next to the one with a cat;

k) The person who owns a horse lives next to the Dunhill smoker;

l) The Winfield smoker drinks beer;

m) The Norwegian lives next to the blue house;

n) The German smokes Rothmans;

o) The Marlboro smoker has a neighbor who drinks water.


Who owns the fish tank?

Albert Einstein's intelligence test also has the correct answers, which solve the mystery of the quiz. Solving it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, especially if it's quiet around.

Tip: To discover the correct answer, follow the clues carefully.

Good luck!

Solving Albert Einstein's Intelligence Test

Isn't this test fun yet extremely complex? The wager of its creator, Albert Einstein, was that 98% of people could not answer the question at the end of the test correctly.

If you haven't taken Albert Einstein's intelligence test yet, before reading the answers you can test your logic and patience here.

Now let's see if you answered the question "Who is the owner of the fish tank?" correctly.

By following the logic of the data above we have:

1. The Norwegian lives in the first house, which is yellow, smokes Dunhill, drinks water, and has a cat.

2. Next to him lives the Dane in a blue house, he smokes Marlboros, drinks tea, and owns a horse as his pet.

3. The third house, the red one, belongs to the British, who is a milk drinker and a Pall Mall smoker. And his pet is a bird.

4. Next to him lives the German, in a green house, who drinks coffee and smokes Rothmans, and is the owner of the fish tank.

5. Because in the last house, the white one, lives the Swede, together with a dog, the man being a Winfield beer and cigarette drinker.

Putting these facts together, Albert Einstein's intelligence test has a solution.

The owner of the fish tank is the German who lives in the fourth house, the green one.

Congratulations to those who got the answer right!

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