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Article: The Most Friendly Dog Breeds. How To Choose The Perfect Dog?

The Most Friendly Dog Breeds. How To Choose The Perfect Dog? - DSF Antique Jewelry
Dog Breeds

The Most Friendly Dog Breeds. How To Choose The Perfect Dog?

People are different and so are dogs. A breed one loves might be inappropriate for another person. The dog's personality should be compatible with his master's needs. So, choosing the perfect dog might be a challenge.

Let us explore together some insights about the features of different dog breeds that might help you choose the right dog in accordance with your personality and, of course, your lifestyle and environment.

Interesting Facts About Dogs

The dog might be the first animal to have been domesticated by men. Genetic evidence suggests that dogs split from their wolf ancestors between 27,000 and 40,000 years ago. According to, the oldest known dog burial is from 14,200 years ago, suggesting that, at that time, dogs were firmly installed as pets by then.

Since then, dogs have been selectively bred for thousands of years, first for utilitarian purposes - such as hunting or guard -  and later for their appearance. In time, they became more and more appreciated for their loyalty, friendship, and companionship qualities.

Breeding dogs for particular characteristics, or phenotypes, has been going on for centuries. This process continues today, resulting in a large number of breeds and types of dogs. Man's best friend is the only animal with such a wide variety, with over 400 breeds.

So, in case you want to have a dog, there is a wide range of choices. But you should be aware that the decision to have a dog has had an emotional and financial impact on your life for many years. You will have to be responsible for the animal's life and care, which includes feeding, daily walks, and regular visits to the vet. Nevertheless, it is worth making all these efforts, you will enjoy the company and dedication of a new friend.

How To Choose The Right Dog For You?

There are dog breeds suitable for people with children, although children and puppies generally get along well, regardless of the child's age or the size of the puppy, with rare exceptions.

The puppy will be a tireless playmate to your kids and the children will learn to be affectionate, attentive, and responsible. It must be understood that the breed of a puppy is just one of the elements that will influence the way it will integrate into the family. Equally important will be the way you teach the puppy to socialize with humans and other animals, as well as the education you will give to your children in terms of how to relate with the dog.

At the same time, the protective instincts of dogs will manifest themselves, especially towards children, rewarding you for the affection you invest in them.

The ideal puppy will be friendly, docile, and polite, whether his pedigree is of great value or has been rescued from the streets. Remember the importance of vaccinating, deworming, and sterilization of your puppies. These are very important for their health and well-being.

The Most Friendly Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever - A Dog You Will Surely Love

A better choice for families with children may not exist! It is impossible not to fall in love with this sweet-natured, intelligent, enthusiastic, and loyal dog.

Labrador retrievers are appreciated all over the world for their friendly character and never-ending fun.

The Labrador Retriever is a cheerful dog, eager to please its owners, he protects the children, is loyal, loves to learn new tricks and he does this very well; that's why this breed is called the "Einstein of the dogs".

Labrador retriever loves spending time with family members on walks, water games, or ball games.

They become very attached to family members and can suffer a lot if left alone for a long time, or they can start to damage their home or garden. garden.

Labrador retriever
He can adapt to the living conditions offered outdoors, in the yard, or in an apartment, but he needs to have daily walks and play with his masters.

They may suffer from certain genetically transmitted conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia, and their excessive appetite can make them obese if you do not control their diet and physical activity.

Also, for their safety and your peace of mind, it would be good to educate them not to eat on the floor.

The Labrador does not tolerate heat very well, so during the summer, you should help them have access to cool places and give them plenty of water to drink.

Golden Retriever - Beautiful And Kind

They are easily recognizable due to their very rich golden fur, which keeps their skin always dry and which also requires frequent brushing.

The Golden Retriever has a personality similar to the Labrador Retriever.

Patience is the highest quality of this breed, especially useful when it is around children. On the other hand, a Golden Retriever is also very energetic, which means that they love to play all day with the children.

Golden Retriever
Because they are patient and easy to train, they have received many "jobs" over time: from escorts for blind people to the detection of narcotics.

The puppies can be easily excited and disobedient, which is why training can be started early, with basic commands, but without exaggeration.

Due to their gentle nature, abundant rewards and praise and less useful punishments will be beneficial in training.

The Golden Retriever gets along very well with other dogs and other animals in the household.

Beagle - A Playful And Friendly Dog

This breed is a great choice for families with children. Friendly and energetic, the Beagle is extremely tolerant of children. Intelligent, affectionate, and curious - this dog loves everyone.

The Beagle is one of the friendliest dog breeds. His pleasant character traits inspired the cartoon character Snoopy from the "Peanuts" series, declared the most popular canine character.

He doesn't like to be left alone for long periods of time, because he gets bored quickly and needs company. The Beagle needs a lot of movement and exercise, he is lively, energetic, and alert.
This dog can be raised in an apartment, but with a rich and varied daily exercise program.

It is necessary to train the puppy as much as possible in its first year of life.

He has to be taken out of the house several times a day. Make sure you or your family's schedule is flexible and can accommodate your dog's needs.

Irish Setter - Noble But Gentle

A great choice for families who live in houses with a yard because they are very energetic.

Irish Setters are great with children because they are enthusiastic and intelligent, being one of the most friendly dog breeds, extremely pleasant, and affectionate.

They get along well with other dogs, but they need to socialize early with cats and other pets if you want them to live together in peace.

Being extremely friendly, the Irish Setter is not a good watchdog, although it announces the presence of strangers.

If they get bored, they bark a lot, which is why it's good to keep them happy and active.

Irish Setter
Training should be started early as they tend to eat all kinds of things they find and can eat or swallow dangerous objects such as fishing hooks, light bulbs, etc.

Despite his noble presence, the Irish Setter remains a kind-hearted creature for the rest of his life, being one of the traits that make you fall in love with him the most.

One precaution in choosing this breed: it has the shortest life expectancy among large dogs, so children may be very sad if they lose him early. Irish setters live an average of 12 years and only a few reach the age of 15.

English Setter - A Delight

With an elegant appearance, the English Setter is affectionate and friendly. Used in the past as a hunting animal, today the English Setter is an excellent companion.

Friendly, calm, intelligent, and very affectionate, it is ideal for any family. He is sociable with strangers and gets along just as well with children. He accepts other animals around him without any problems.

It is a very active dog that likes to move a lot, to have an occupation. It is recommended for active people who can make time for their dogs.

 English SetterHe likes to wander, take long walks, and run near the bicycle.

This dog can be kept in an apartment if the conditions are right because it is a fairly large dog but he needs to have daily walks. Otherwise, he may damage the house.

Though he can be raised in an apartment, he feels best in a fenced yard where he can move freely.

He needs training and socializing, just like any other puppy.

Havanese Dog - A Lovely Toy Dog

The Havanese - a lovely toy dog - is a very friendly dog. It behaves appropriately and in a balanced way towards children and other animals and is rarely irascible when new people appear on its territory.

He is an intelligent and lively dog and will always ask for your attention to show you new tricks he does for you, out of a desire to please you.

The Havanese is a breed that loves living in the presence of man, and they suffer if their master is left for a long time. That is why they are not suitable for people who work a lot or who travel a lot.

They like to go with their masters everywhere, in all rooms of the house, but without being possessive. 

Unlike other dogs in the "toy" category, which are too delicate or too nervous towards children, the Havanese Bichon stands out for its gentleness and understanding towards them, playing with them and trying to please them.

Due to its cheerful and sociable nature, this breed is increasingly used in services that involve public relations: various therapies that include the presence of the dog, as dogs that assist people with hearing difficulties, show dogs, role in termite detection, etc.

Bulldog - Tolerant And Faithfull

The biggest asset of bulldogs is that they are robust and can "collect" any blow or object thrown at them by naughty children. 

At the same time, these dogs are very patient and willing to endure a lot before reacting. They have no preferences about where they live, so even a small apartment is right for them.

The bulldog is a spontaneous, brave, balanced, intelligent, gentle, and sensitive dog. Faithful and obedient to his master, he is tolerant and caring with children.

The bulldog
The bulldog usually gets along well with other animals. Sometimes he can quarrel with other dogs, but he usually gets along with them.

As he is not a very energetic dog, he is pleased with short daily walks, and otherwise likes to stay with his family.

Recommended for less active people, the bulldog is ideal for a quiet and small family, which in turn falls into the category of the friendliest dog breeds.

Requires training and socialization.

French Bulldog - Small But Brave

The French bulldog is an intelligent dog, very brave, active, disciplined, cheerful, sensitive, but sometimes even stubborn.

He is very affectionate and devoted to his master, and is especially attached to a person. He is loving and tolerant of children. Sometimes he may be jealous if his master pays more attention to someone else.

Even if he is vigilant, barking when he sees strangers, he soon becomes friendly with them, which is not recommended for a guard dog. If he is trained, when he is little, to socialize with other animals and other dogs, there will be no problems when he grows up.

French Bulldog
Very playful and affectionate, absolutely adorable, the French bulldog has a comic-leaning personality and loves to make his master laugh a lot. He is intelligent and easy to handle, curious, and alert.

This race needs the human presence to feel good and develop well. You can't buy such a dog and then ignore him, because he can develop other destructive and dominant behaviors, making your home a mess.

They can sometimes salivate too much, but most of them do not. Instead, he is a ruthless mouse hunter.

Bichon Frize - Fluffy And Pleasant

They were created as a "toy" breed and, for this reason, they will fit perfectly in the arms of a less active person, but also in a family, possibly in the company of other small dogs.

They have fluffy fur that will need attention and care, but they will not leave hair in the house.

Apart from their wonderful appearance, they are known for their pleasant temperament and friendly nature.

The Bichon Frize is an intelligent, cheerful, playful, sociable, active, sensitive, gentle dog. He is affectionate and devoted to his master, gets along well with children, but has a suspicious attitude towards strangers. He gets along well with other dogs and other animals in the household.

Bichon Frize
This dog adapts perfectly to the living conditions offered and to the lifestyle of his master. He feels good in an apartment next to a loving family who has time to take care of him every day. He has a moderate level of activity and likes to always accompany his master.

Contrary to popular belief, small dogs are not overly loud and not too fragile to handle playing with children.

Don't treat him like a fragile doll so that he doesn't become one, and don't pamper him because it will be hard to get him out of bad habits.

He needs socialization and training.

The German Shepherd - A Dog You Can Rely On

The German Shepherd is an active dog, with a lively temperament, but perfectly balanced mentally, intelligent, alert, and very vigilant. Particularly brave, firm, strong, resilient, has a very good sense of smell and with the right training, they can make excellent guard dogs

The dog adapts easily to any unforeseen situation due to its responsible and independent nature. He is faithful, affectionate, and playful with his master and family. He loves children and gets along well with them if he has been socialized.

German Shepherd
He treats other animals and people with indifference, as long as they show no signs of aggression.

It does not require special living conditions, and he is weather resistant.

This breed is recommended only for people who have enough time to reserve it for the dog, both for training and other physical activities.

The German Shepherd is very smart and obedient. Some people believe that they need a "firm hand", but it has been found that they respond easily to positive, reward-based training methods.

These dogs are a very popular choice when it comes to military dogs. They are mainly known for their work in the police, being used to track down criminals, patrol dangerous areas, or detect and immobilize suspects. Thousands of German Shepherds were used by the army. They were mainly prepared for escort, being used to warn soldiers of the presence of enemies, to detect traps or other dangers.

These were the most friendly dog breeds în the world. We hope these insights will help you to choose the perfect dog for you and your family. A dog will bring more joy and love into your life. 

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