Collector's Item: The Most Valuable Piano for Sale al Online Auction

A Steinway & Sons piano, Vertegrand model, a museum-sized piece made in 1922, will be auctioned on March 25, on the Artmark Live platform.

The Steinway & Sons brand, founded in 1853 by the German piano maker Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, gradually became known internationally for making the best concert pianos in the world, also notable for various innovations in the development of keyboard instruments.

This Vertegrand model has a unique tone and a bass sound specific to the grand piano rather than the upright one, and many experts consider this model to be the best vertical piano ever made.


Known as K-132, the model was imported into Romania in the 1930s by the store of the Jewish merchant Nathan Mischonzniki, and was destined to be sold to wealthy Bucharest families, concerned with providing their children, especially young ladies, with a "French" education.

Mischonzniki was passionate about music, and called himself a "supplier to the Royal Court," as he wrote in gold letters on the instruments he sold. Many experts regard the Model K as being the finest upright piano ever made.

The name "Vertegrand", that’s mean literally ‘upright grand‘, displayed along the top of the iron frame reflected the instrument's size relative to Steinway's then-current lineup; at 52 inches (132 cm) it was smaller than the 54.3-inch (138 cm) "Upright Grand" scale (Model I in New York; Model R in Hamburg) introduced in 1894, but larger than the 49-inch (125 cm) scale that would later become the Model V.

As part of the "Auction of Technical Curiosities", the collection piece will be sold on Thursday, March 25, at 18:30 on the Artmark Live platform.