Jennifer Aniston Is Suffering From A Terrible Disease

Jennifer Aniston (53 years old), one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, revealed what prevented her from having a normal life.

Due to stress and anxiety, Aniston ended up suffering from insomnia and somnambulism. She woke up in the middle of the house, not knowing what was happening.

The famous actress admitted to "People" that she often worries she won't be able to fall asleep, causing stress at night.

"I dread spending another night counting cracks in the walls. I think it started somewhere in my 30s or even earlier, but you just don't start to notice the effects of a lack of sleep when we're younger because we're so invincible," said the former Friends star.  

"It began as something that I would just accept and then all of a sudden you realize the effects of your lack of sleep and how it affects your day and your work and your mind function and your physique," Jennifer Aniston added.

"I have been known to [sleepwalk]. I've been woken up by house alarms going off that I've set off," the actress added.

What Does Jennifer Aniston Dp To Deal With Her Condition?

Jennifer Aniston only recently sought specialized help, although the first symptoms appeared 20 years ago.

She added: "It became something that I really was struggling with."

"It used to be the last thing on the list, but you can't really abide by the three pillars of health — which are diet, exercise and sleep — if you can't really exercise and you can't really eat right if you haven't slept well because your body clock is so completely thrown off."

To overcome these problems, Jenny does stretching and yoga exercises at bedtime and leaves her phone outside the room where she sleeps. Also, the actress goes to bed at the same time every night, which she recommends to everyone.

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