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Article: Kate Middleton - Stunning Appearance With Earrings Worth Just $3

Kate Middleton - Stunning Appearance Earrings Worth Just $3
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton - Stunning Appearance With Earrings Worth Just $3

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, had an impeccable appearance in an outfit accessorized with earrings that cost less than... 3 dollars.

The Brits - as well as people of all nationalities across the globe - love Kate Middleton and they have every reason to! The wife of Prince William is the definition of simplicity, elegance, sophistication, and good taste.

It's no surprise for anyone that the Duchess of Cambridge impresses at every single appearance, whether she's wearing expensive outfits from famous Fashion Houses or choosing affordable clothes.

Prince William's life partner has often replaced the dazzling diamonds or glamorous antique pearls with jewelry pieces costing just a few dollars. That's also what happened at the Duchess's first public appearance this year.

Kate Middleton Wore Earrings Worth Just $3

A week after turning 40 years old, the Duchess of Cambridge made an appearance at the Foundling Museum in London. Kate Middleton was, of course, accompanied by her husband Prince William.

Kate was radiant as usual and gave us another style lesson. The Duchess wore a pair of black flared trousers and a waistcoat in the same shade.

The outfit was completed with a gorgeous navy coat and a pair of golden earrings from "Accesorize", which cost just £2.10 pounds (about 2.85 dollars), according to The Sun journalists. Shortly after the Duchess's appearance, the earrings were already sold out on the website.

An Awkward Moment

There was also an awkward moment at the Foundling Museum event, the first this year for Kate and William. At one point, one of the journalists asked William if he was supporting his uncle at the moment.

Visibly annoyed, Prince William dodged the journalist's question. "Sorry, I can't hear you!" he told him.

Prince Andrew, or the Duke of York, the son of Queen Elizabeth II and William's uncle, is under investigation for sexual assault of a minor.

Prince Andrew has been stripped of his military titles, the patronage of associates and no longer officially uses the appellation "Your Royal Highness". He has retired from public life and also quit social media.

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