King Charles III: Ten Important Things You Need To Know About The New King

King Charles III is now the new ruler of the British monarchy. Here are ten important things you need to know about the new king!

After Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Prince Charles became King Charles III.

Ten Important Things You Need To Know About King Charles III

1. Charles was born at Buckingham Palace. He was three when his mother became Queen and nine when he was made Prince of Wales.

2. As a child, Prince Charles took piano, trumpet, and cello lessons, the latter of which he went on to play, becoming part of the orchestra, in his university years.

3. Herased at school, he was the first royal to graduate. He insisted on sending his sons, William and Harry, to Eton, because at the institute he attended in Scotland, Gordonstoun, he had been teased and mocked by his classmates. Despite this, King Charles III was the first of the royal family to graduate. He studied history at Cambridge University's Trinity College.

4. In 1970, Charles took his seat in the House of Lords - something the royal family generally didn't do even before Tony Blair's reforms - and four years later made his first speech in the upper house of the British Parliament.

5. For some years now, there has been a committee for the coronation of King Charles, independent of Buckingham Palace or Clarence House. It is headed by Edward Fitzalan-Howard, 18th Duke of Norfolk. The code name is "Operation Golden Orb".

6. He admitted cheating on his wife Diana on television in 1994. He said that by that time the marriage was "irreparably damaged". Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced in August 1996.

7. At the controls of an 11-passenger military plane, Charles missed landing in Port Ellen, Scotland, in 1994. He didn't slow down enough. The crash caused £1 million worth of damage (no passengers were injured).

8. King Charles III has promoted ecology and organic farming, as well as a traditional approach to architecture over the years.

9. Through his estate in Scotland, he produces a range of organic products, from biscuits to sausages to jams, which go by the name of Duchy Originals. Proceeds are used for his charities.

10. The new King of England is a foodie and continues to source produce in Italy, particularly sausages and charcuterie. He is linked to Romania by the house he bought in Viscri.

Source: Mediafax

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