Preparations For King Charles's Eventual Death. Operation "Menai Bridge" Launched

The British authorities are already preparing for the death of King Charles III. Operation "Menai Bridge" has been launched to prepare for the unfortunate event.

Operation "London Bridge", which British authorities have been preparing for Queen Elizabeth II's death for decades, is being re-launched in preparation for King Charles' demise. The operation is called "Menai Bridge" and sets out the steps to be followed in the event of King Charles' death.

British authorities already have plans in place for the first days and weeks after the new king's death reports the Daily Star.

Operation "Menai Bridge" - The "Death Plan" Of King Charles
"Unfortunately, as of tomorrow morning (Wednesday, September 21) planning for Operation Menai Bridge will start in earnest. Even the King said in his acceptance that he will take this role for as long as life allows him to. He is 73 years of age, it's got to be in the back of your mind, and from the police, we've got to start planning again for the future," said Simon Morgan, a former security officer in the British royal family.

Basically, the events and schedule of the last few days will be repeated when King Charles III is gone.

When King Charles III dies, Prince William will automatically be proclaimed the new King of the United Kingdom.

It is also possible that Charles III will abdicate the throne, but most likely he will remain King until the last day of his life, just like his mother.

The UK would be plunged back into a period of national mourning and a new series of changes would follow - from money to official stamps, flags, and royal insignia, as is the case now after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

And once Prince William is proclaimed king, his eldest son, Prince George, will become second in line to the throne and will probably take over the title of Prince of Wales, as his father did.

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