Queen Elizabeth II Launched Her Own Liquid Dish Soap

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, has launched her own brand of... dishwashing liquid.

According to Daily Mail, Queen Elizabeth's liquid dish soap is priced at 14.99 pounds a bottle (almost 20 dollars). The lunch of the new product came after it was revealed that Her Royal Highness likes to wash dishes from time to time.

Her Majesty has started selling 500-milliliter bottles of liquid soap at her Sandringham estate in Norfolk.

How Is Queen Elizabeth's Liquid Dish Soap

The product's flavor is "coastal walks". Like most of the products sold at Sandringham, gin, tea, biscuits, the liquid soap is made on the grounds of the estate as indicated on the label.

"Inspired by a shared passion for protecting the environment, we have partnered with Norfolk Natural Living (a natural products company) with the aim of producing the liquid soap just 10 miles from the Sandringham estate, using only the finest plant-based products."

The Sandringham estate has already collaborated with Norfolk Natural Living to make a scent for dogs also called "coastal walks" - the Queen is known to enjoy the company of corgi dogs.

Paul Burrell, a former butler at Buckingham, told the 2020 podcast The Secret that the Queen of England has a habit of washing up after picnics at Balmoral.

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