Queen Elizabeth’s Beloved Horse And Corgis Watch Her Last Journey

Pictures with Queen Elizabeth’s beloved horse and with Muick and Sandy, Her Majesty's corgis, waiting for the motorcade near Windsor Castle have gone viral on social media.

Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgis Muick and Sandy and one of her favorite ponies - Emma - were given roles in the late Queen's state funeral on Monday. They were led out to witness the procession at Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis Present At The Funeral

Muick and Sandy, the Queen's last two corgis, have appeared during her coffin's procession to Windsor Castle as if out waiting for their beloved "mother" to come and play with them... The lovely dogs were wearing red and blue leashes when they were brought out for the arrival of the Queen's coffin at St. George's Chapel. They were being cared for by two royal pages in red frock coats.

It has been confirmed that Prince Andrew who was later seen in the company of the dogs and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson will look after the two corgis.

Queen Elizabeth owned over 30 corgis during her reign, her love for the breed being well known. She was first given a corgi when she was seven, and generations after generation of the royal corgis are descended from Susan, a corgi given to Elizabeth when she was 18.
Queen Elizabeth’s Beloved Corgis Watch Her Last Journey
Emma - The Pony - "Said" Goodbye To Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II's black pony, Carltonlima Emma, was present as the funeral cortege passed through the grounds of Windsor Castle, being held by a bridle by a member of staff on the grass, a few meters from the lifeless body of its former owner.
Emma Queen Elizabeth’s Beloved Horse And Watch Her Last Journey
Carltonlima Emma was led to the side of the road at a gap between floral tributes while the coffin was driven past.

The horse was named among the Queen’s favorites for Horse & Hound magazine in 2020 by Terry Pendry, one of the grooms at Windsor.

According to Guardian, Queen Elizabeth was a patron of the Fell Pony Society and continued to ride Emma when she was well into her 90s.

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