The Funny Story Of Queen Elizabeth & The American Tourist Couple

One of the most popular and funny stories regarding the late Queen Elizabeth II, which involved an American tourist couple, was told by Her Majesty's bodyguard.

On one of Queen Elizabeth's many walks in the Balmoral Palace area, she met a couple of American tourists, who didn't recognize her. She asked where they were from, and what they were doing.

"There were two hikers coming towards us, and the Queen will always stop and say hello. They were two Americans on a walking holiday. And it was clear from the moment they stopped that they didn't recognize the Queen, which is fain. The American gentleman told the Queen where they came from, where they were going next, and where they have been through in Britain".

So, after the American couple told Queen Elizabeth their life stories, they asked her where she lived.

"And I can see it coming... They asked her Majesty: And where do you live?", remembered the bodyguard laughing.

"The Queen said: Well, I live in London, but I got a holiday home just the other side of the hills."

The American tourists then asked Queen Elizabeth how long she's been coming here.

"Oh, I have been coming our here since I was a little girl, so over 80 years..'", said the Queen of England.

The Funny Story Of Queen Elizabeth & The American Tourist Couple

"And you could see their clock ticking"... They then realized something and said, "if you have been coming here for 80 years, you must have met the Queen!"

"I haven't, but he meets her regularly", said Queen Elizabeth pointing to her bodyguard.

"So, then the guy says to me: Oh, you met the Queen. What's she like?" remembered the bodyguard amused.

Recounting the incident, the bodyguard replayed, not wanting to give her away: "She can be very uncooperative at times, but she has a lovely sense of humor."

"Then this guy comes around, puts his hand by my shoulder, and before I can see what was happening, he gets his camera, gives it to the Queen, and says: Can you take a picture of us?"

Queen Elizabeth takes the picture, after which the bodyguard also takes a photo of them with Her Majesty.  

After they part ways, Queen Elizabeth tells her bodyguard that she'd like to be a fly in the room by the time the American couple realizes what has happened.

"I'd love to be a fly in the room when they show those photographs to their friends in America and hopefully someone tells them who I am", said the Queen to her bodyguard.

A superb funny story about  Queen Elizabeth and an American tourist couple that shows that life is always better when lived with a developed sense of humor.

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