The Holidays Are Coming: Harry And Meghan Have A "Surprise" For King Charles

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a "surprise" for Charles, the new King of England, for these holidays.

Last July, Prince Harry announced he was the author of an "intimate" memoir. The Duke of Sussex is set to reject King Charles' invitation to spend Christmas with the royal family at Sandringham after new details emerged about his memoir.

Ties between Prince Harry and the rest of his family in Britain are much as they have been in the past, sources say, dashing hopes that the death of Queen Elizabeth and Meghan and Harry's time of mourning with the royals would have led to a "thaw in relations".

Sources say Meghan and Prince Harry don't plan to join the British royal family for the first Christmas without Queen Elizabeth. This decision comes after Penguin Random House announced the title and release date of the Prince's book.

"Spare" - The "Intimate" Memoir Of Prince Harry

"Spare", which is due to be published on 10 January, has taken the royal family completely by surprise, a source claims, adding that this book could signal the end of any relationship Prince Harry wants to have with his family, and is unexpectedly sad.

The description of the book launched Thursday and its title reinforced the belief of some commentators that the Duke of Sussex could offer insight not only into his life but also into his relationship with his relatives and the establishment.

According to The Mirror, in this context, the term "Spare" is derived from the famous adage "the heir and the spare." This is often referred to when someone has two children, usually two sons. The heir, the eldest son, will be expected to inherit the duties and responsibilities, but the spare is there if anything happens to the eldest (Prince William in this case)

The book's publisher has also confirmed that Prince Harry will donate the proceeds from the book to charities.             

Earlier in 2021, in an interview with Oprah, Meghan Markle made serious accusations of neglect and racism against the British royal family, while Prince Harry spoke about his relationship with Prince William and King Charles.

Harry also appeared to criticize Charles' upbringing when he appeared on an episode of the Armchair Expert podcast.

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