The Job Advertised By King Charles: Who Will Work With The Monarch

King Charles, the new British monarch, needs help at Buckingham Palace and is offering 40,000 pounds (45,000 dollars) a year for the job.

A lover of nature, just like his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles prioritizes the welfare of gardens on the estate. The new sovereign has been known to actually talk to his plants.

As a result, the king decided it is time to hire a garden manager, according to OK Magazine.

The future royal garden manager will be paid 3,333 pounds (3,700 dollars) a month and will be expected to oversee the welfare of the famous British stately gardens at Buckingham Palace.

The New Job Advertised By King Charles

The job is being advertised as very attractive, as the successful candidate will be in charge of the world-famous estate. Added to this is the pride of working for King Charles himself and the British monarchy. The job involves 39 hours a week.

What's more, the same qualifications are sought at Windsor Castle. Anyone looking after the gardens here should be aware that the pay is a little lower, at 38,000 pounds (42,000 dollars) a year. Those tempted to apply can do so for both vacancies until 3 November.

A great lover of gardening and flowers, like his mother Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles launched his first fragrance this summer, with essences inspired by his garden.

Since childhood, Britain's sovereign has made gardening a passion. He has tended his gardens at Highgrove House for more than 40 years, People magazine reports.

King Charles' Very Own Perfume

King  Charles launched his first perfume in collaboration with the Penhaligon brand. Named "Highgrove Bouquet", the fragrance is inspired by Charles' personal garden.

Highgrove Estate is dedicated to growing the freshest herbs and beautiful flowers.

Recently, the sovereign decided to bottle some of his garden's most exquisite scents, paying homage to the "magnificent fragrance" of Highgrove Gardens in summer.

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