VIRAL: Prince Louis Made Funny Faces at Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee

Prince Louis made quite a "show" at Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, "once again winning the title of Boss Baby".

Social media users said Prince Louis "stole the show" at his great-grandmother's Platinum Jubilee ceremony on Thursday, June 2, and at his subsequent appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II is Britain's longest-serving monarch, and Britons are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, which marks her 70-year-old reign, from 2-4 June.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth II is the first British sovereign to celebrate such an event.

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee: Prince Louis Became Viral

The four-year-old prince, who is the youngest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton and younger brother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, made his first appearance at the parade on Thursday alongside his royal siblings.

Louis, George, and Charlotte shared a carriage with their mother Kate Middleton, and the Duchess of Cornwall during the royal procession.

Prince Louis also sat next to the queen as active members of the royal family made their appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the flight that followed the parade.

Social media users noted that Louis made funny faces and a sweet interaction that took place between him and his great-grandmother, the Queen.

At one point during the parade, Louis was shown covering his ears and making a screaming face.

VIRAL: Prince Louis Funny Faces Platinum Jubilee

He became viral on social media platforms. Many users were quick to share memes of Louis having fun during the ceremony.

Prince Louis - The Boss Baby

Some said Prince Louis was their royal "favorite" after today's proceedings, with one person writing, "Once again, Prince Louis wins the title of Boss Baby."

Earlier, during the royal procession, Charlotte was shown stopping Louis' "enthusiastic" salute.

As Louis waved to the crowd, his older sister gently put her hand back in his lap. But this didn't stop Louis, who started waving again a second later.

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