Boregaard 18K Gold Gemstone Charm Necklace


Boregaard 18K Gold Gemstone Charm Necklace.
Vintage 1980's Boregaard 18K yellow gold necklace with 9 miniature egg charms including diamonds, ruby, and semiprecious stones ( tiger's eye, citrine, amethyst, azurite malachite, aquamarine etc.). Total Weight: 104.
This gold gemstone charm necklace by Boregaard is a unique work of art. Every finish, every combination of gemstones and precious metals brings his unique artistic vision to life. Pedro Boregaard worked for several years as a jeweler in London and Nottingham before coming to the United States in 1974 where he was immediately hired by Tiffany & Co. His primary center of attention was the development and execution of the creations of Tiffany's star designers. 


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