Coco Chanel Maison Gripoix Brooch

Rare vintage 1930’s Coco Chanel leaf & berry brooch by Maison Gripoix.
Coco Chanel Maison Gripoix Brooch Extremely Rare 1930’s Coco Chanel leaf pin/brooch by Maison Gripoix. Gold tone leaf design with red glass bead "berries" and chain elements. Earliest Chanel pieces are not marked with the maker's name. Pieces from 1921-1939 were made to complement Chanel's clothing. As a result, these extremely rare pieces were left unmarked. In 1939, due to WWII, The House of Chanel stopped operations and resumed in 1954, in her Parisian Boutique at 31 Rue Cambon. All hardware is original and the signature FRANCE is located on the hook. Historical jewelry made by Maison Gripoix, especially pieces made for Chanel, are the objects of real cult value. They are collected, they are hunted down, they are sold at auction, and their prices have recently sky-rocketed. Specifications Approximate Measurements: Length 1.8”, Width 2.1” Made in: France Condition: Good This is a true collector's item - a museum piece! Thanks for viewing this item: we have more Chanel jewelry here. To find out more about Chanel's history please visit our blog.

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