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Article: Ancien Wisdom: The King And The Lost Finger That Saved His Live

Ancien Wisdom: The King And The Lost Finger That Saved His Live - DSF Antique Jewelry
Ancien Wisdom

Ancien Wisdom: The King And The Lost Finger That Saved His Live

A mighty king thought that he did not need to pay respect to God. But in His infinite grace, God watched over him and helped him to realize he was wrong.

Once upon a time, there was once a king who liked to go hunting. He used to go hunting joined by a servant who, in all circumstances, always said to him: "My king, do not be discouraged because everything God does is perfect, no mistakes."

One day, while hunting, the king hit a leopard. He went to see if he was dead when suddenly the leopard which was laying on the ground jumped up and attacked him.

His servant managed to kill the leopard, but couldn't prevent his majesty from losing a finger. Angry for he lost a finger, the king said to his servant, "If God were good, I would not have been attacked, and I certainly would not have lost my finger!"

The servant replied, "Even if all this has happened, all I can tell you is that God is good and everything He does is exactly as it should be. He is never wrong."

Outraged by this response, the king asked the servant, "If I imprison you, would you still think this is the best thing for you?"

Fearless, the servant humbly replied, "Yes, Your Majesty, I still think it is the best arrangement for me."

Enraged by the pain and unexpected answers of his servant, the king ordered the arrest of his servant.

God Is Good And Everything He Does Is Perfect

Three months later, the king and another servant went for a hunt, but they were captured by a tribe that use human beings for sacrifice.

At the altar, the king watched desperately how his servant was killed in front of his eyes. When it came to his turn to be killed, the tribe's people in charge of the sacrifice discovered that the king was missing a finger, so they released him. They considered him "incomplete" thus not worthy to be offered to the gods.

When he returned to the palace, the king ordered that the imprisoned servant be released. He went to him and said humbly, "God was really kind to me ... I was about to be killed, but because of my missing finger, I was set free."

"However, I have a question," the king continued, "If God is so good, why did he allow me to imprison you?"

The servant wisely replied, "Your Majesty, if I were not in prison, I would have been with you and I would have been sacrificed since I have all my ten fingers".
The king laughed and said, "That's right! It's all happening for a purpose."

Our lives are full of ups and downs.

When things do not go the way we want, let us not lose the joy of living and the faith in a better future. As long as each of us is a good person, the good things will come naturally one day. Let's be patient, kind, and keep a positive attitude. The difficulties we face today prepare us for the greater good of tomorrow.

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