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About DSF Antique Jewelry

Antique Cherubs Gold Brooch

A Success Born From Passion

Our business started off as a passion for collecting unique jewelry pieces. My friends would come to my house and gather around a showcase filled with unique jewelry. This encouraged me to continue collecting and eventually selling some of the items. I continued finding more and more items and developed a flourishing business. Eventually we were able to provide antique jewelry to some of the finest stores in New York.

In order to find true treasures and unique one-of-a-kind items we constantly travel the world. In the process, we have developed relationships with antique and jewelry providers in every corner of the world. These, in turn, enabled us to become a trusted supplier of exclusive masterpieces to the finest shops in Europe and the U.S. Our exquisite findings are sold every day at the most reputable retail establishments on Madison Avenue in New York, London’s Bond Street, in Amsterdam, and Paris.


42 Years of Perfection

We’ve been successful in a wholesale market for the past 42 years and feel privileged to have earned trust doing business with the same clients throughout the past decades. They often come to us with special requests, because they know we always have what they are looking for. Private buyers recommend us to their friends and family.


DSF: Made to Amaze

DSF is our child company, started as a result of continued requests from the public. To serve, amaze and delight our individual customers we established a retail division that offers the same vast variety, of the finest pieces, as does our wholesale department. We offer items for men and women that are not limited to jewelry alone. We also sell collectibles, items for special occasions, and everyday use.

A Perfect Combination

We love what we do and we are deeply passionate about it. Our business was born out of a genuine love for beautiful things and the desire to preserve them. So that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

What we sell today combines the history of yesterday with the future of tomorrow.


The pieces we sell are always the finest examples and in the finest condition. If we sell an engagement ring, rest assured it is the finest of its type, with the finest stones and the best workmanship.


Antique & Vintage Jewelry