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Article: Kate Middleton & Charlotte Sparkle At King Charles's Coronation

Kate Middleton & Charlotte Sparkle At King Charles's Coronation - DSF Antique Jewelry

Kate Middleton & Charlotte Sparkle At King Charles's Coronation

Princess Kate Middleton sparkled at King Charles III's coronation at Westminster Abbe wearing a glittering silver laurel headpiece. The impressive jewel looks a lot like a tiara—but it isn't.

Kensington Palace confirmed that the Princess of Wales did not wear a tiara to the event. Her head topper instead, a Jess Collet x Alexander McQueen creation, consisted of a regal arrangement of shimmering silver bullion, crystal, and silver thread leaf embroidery that formed a point above her head, according to Haper's Bazaar.

Kate Middleton literally stunned in a flamboyant outfit, in the colors of the British flag. She wore a royal formal robe and mantel, at the request of King Charles and Queen Camilla, and a dress in ivory silk crepe with silver bullion and threadwork embroidery featuring rose, thistle, daffodil, and shamrock motifs to reflect the emblems of the UK. These emblems signify the four nations, England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

These motifs also appeared on Princes Charlotte's (Kate's daughter) dress in ivory satin stitch embroidery.

Kate Middleton's dress was designed by Alexander McQueen, who also designed her wedding dress in 2011.

The princess accessorized her outfit with pearl and diamond earrings that once belonged to Princess Diana and opted for understated makeup that accentuated her features.

The princess’ earrings were a tribute to William’s late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, with the pearl and diamond pieces belonging to Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana started wearing the earrings before she became the Princess of Wales, as a gift from Collingwood, a jewelry firm that was a favorite of the Spencer family. The princess did not part with them during her marriage to Charles.

Kate Middleton also wore Earrings Tiara

Kate Middleton also wore Queen Elizabeth II’s George VI Festoon Necklace, which George VI commissioned for his daughter Princess Elizabeth in 1950.

The fabulous three-strand necklace - a favorite of the late queen - was made using 105 loose collet-set diamonds.

Kate's coronation outfit deeply reflected tradition and respect for the new King and Queen.

Unlike her husband, William, who seemed a bit more overwhelmed by the event's grandeur, Kate Middleton smiled the whole time.

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte Matched Their Outfits Perfectly AT The Coronation

Princess Charlotte was applauded for her elegant style. The young royal was the double of her mum, with a similar crystal headpiece by the same milliner. Her headpiece was crafted in silver bullion, crystal, and silver threadwork. Her brunette tresses were styled in soft curls, worn in a half-up, half-down style beneath her glittering accessory.

The eight-year-old princess also wore an Alexander McQueen dress – with a cape – in ivory silk crepe.

Royal family coronation

Royal style expert Miranda Holder told HELLO! magazine that the lack of dazzling tiaras on senior royals at the coronation was "a significant step down for the royals, though it is a sign of the times."

Miranda explained: "It is clear King Charles is extremely serious about shaping a new, streamlined monarchy that fits more succinctly in with today's ever-changing world."

It is also to be mentioned that the coronation gave tribute to the oldest English workshops. Charles' coronation tunic, for example, was made by Ede and Ravenscroft, known as London's oldest tailor, for over 330 years. This workshop has made garments for every British coronation since that of King William and Queen Mary in 1689, according to Buckingham Palace.

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Royal Insider News

Coronation Necklace – The Iconic Jewelry Camilla Wore For Charles’s Crowning

Queen Camilla caused a big sensation when she wore the iconic Coronation Necklace, as she and King Charles III made their way to Westminster Abbey on Saturday for their historic coronation.

The Queen, 75, shined while riding in the diamond-trimmed Diamond Jubilee State Coach wearing this very remarkable necklace that dates back to 1858.

Also, Camilla wore Queen Mary's crown along with the Coronation Necklace.
coronation necklace

The Coronation Necklace - History

The Coronation Necklace, originally created by Garrard for Queen Victoria, has subsequently been worn by every queen for every coronation, most recently for the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

The magnificent Coronation Necklace is composed of a staggering 22.48-carat pendant known as the Lahore Diamond and 25 graduated dazzling diamonds gathered from ceremonial sword hilts and antique garter badges.

The Lahore diamond was obtained from the Kings of Punjab in 1849 when Punjab was incorporated into the Indian Raj and was given to Queen Victoria in 1851, according to

Prior to 1849, when British colonists took control of the Punjab region of what is now Pakistan, the stone was a part of the Lahore Treasure and was "presented to Queen Victoria in 1851," according to the Royal Collection.

When Queen Victoria's Uncle Ernst Augustus was elected Elector of Hannover in 1837 and the crowns of Great Britain and Hannover disagreed over Queen Charlotte's jewelry, Queen Victoria ordered the Coronation Necklace and a set of earrings.

The Coronation Earrings, which Garrard created in the same period, is a pair of diamond pendant earrings. The cushion studs used to create the earrings are suspended from which two pear-shaped diamonds are set.

A favorite of Queen Victoria's, the Coronation Necklace can be seen on her in photographs taken in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee.

The first person to wear the Coronation Necklace at a coronation ceremony was Queen Alexandra, the consort of King Edward VII, in 1902, followed by Queen Mary in 1911.

In 1937, the Coronation Necklace was also worn by Queen Mother Elizabeth.

The New King Charles III
In a ceremony that dates back 1,000 years, King Charles III was crowned on Saturday at Westminster Abbey in London.

It is the biggest ceremonial event in Britain for seven decades, with heads of state and dignitaries from around the world turning out to attend, while tens of thousands of people lined the streets to witness the historic moment.

king charles coronation

After the death of Queen Elizabeth last September, Prince Charles succeeded his mother to the English throne. He is the oldest British monarch to have the 360-year-old St Edward's crown placed on his head.

King Charles arrived at Westminster Abbey with his second wife Camilla, who was crowned queen during the two-hour ceremony. The pair arrived at the ceremony in a carriage accompanied by knights wearing glittering breastplates and plumed helmets.

The King received the Coronation Ring, also known as the Sovereign's Ring, during the service. The jewel, which is made of rubies and diamonds, is meant to represent his love and dedication for the Commonwealth and the people he is pledging, by God's will, to serve for the rest of his life. The King also wore his distinctive pinky ring for the event.

Bruce Oldfield, whose work Camilla has sported on numerous occasions, created the coronation gown for the monarch. Eliot Zed, a British designer, created her shoes for her using the same silk fabric as the outfit worn by Queen Camilla.
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