Amazing Project: The City Of The Future Without Cars And Pollution

Kuwait will host a unique city on Earth that will have no cars and pollution: a green paradise metropolis never seen before, that will host 100.000 people.

An unusual, one-of-a-kind project called XZERO will create a city never seen before on our planet: car-free, pollution-free, and completely green. The metropolis, which will be home to 100,000 inhabitants, will use only renewable energy, and will be the "world's most walkable city". It will be developed in Kuwait.

Design firm URB claims the new city will offer pollution-free living with zero carbon emissions. It is shaped like a flower, and 65% of the area will comprise green open spaces, according to the Daily Mail.

The City Of The Future Without Cars And Pollution

The central area of Kuwait's XZERO City is separated into "hubs" dedicated to different types of facilities, such as educational, entertainment, and medical.

Planners of the city of the future say the metropolis will provide food and energy security while promoting a green circular economy, a perfect destination for living, working, and playing.

Amazing Project: The City Of The Future

"The creation of sustainable cities that follow the highest standards of living with the lowest impact on the environment is no longer a choice, it has become a necessity. XZERO is planned with multi-functional holistic solutions that address the three key pillars of sustainability; social, economic, and environmental," said Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB, the company behind the project.

Amazing Project City Of The Future

"The heart of this project is the unique resilient landscape, which is multifunctional and designed to promote health, well-being, and biodiversity. The landscape is the social glue to the entire city, which will promote a vibrant neighborhood whilst connecting residents to all amenities within minutes," explained the CEO.

The Power Of Nature

More than 65% of the future XZERO city's 16 square kilometer area is dedicated to green open spaces, such as productive landscapes for agriculture, non-productive spaces, permeable pavements that will allow stormwater runoff, sports fields, and courtyards.

"The landscape is integrated with wadis to enhance resilience and livability whilst also promoting a variety of habitats for wildlife. The landscape is also productive, incorporating many different urban farming methods such as community gardens, biodomes, aquaponics, vertical farms, and biosaline agriculture."

Amazing Project The City Of Future

XZERO has been designed and optimized to be the most accessible city in the world, featuring a series of shaded walking networks. These will be connected throughout the city with other modes of transport, such as bicycles or small electric vehicles, to provide residents with the safest, most convenient, and most enjoyable journey to every corner of the metropolis.

Amazing Project: The City Of The Future  bicycle

URB told MailOnline that the estimated cost of the project is $15 billion USD, and they are aiming to start construction in 2024, to complete it by 2034.

"Ultimately the city will provide the highest quality of life whilst protecting the environment for future generations," added URB.

Pictures Credit: Daily Mail

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