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Article: Ancient Wisdom: Inspiring Stories That Will Touch Your Soul

Ancient Wisdom: Inspiring Stories That Will Touch Your Soul - DSF Antique Jewelry
Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom: Inspiring Stories That Will Touch Your Soul

Many universal truths and principles that stand at the core of humanity are hidden in short, enchanting, and wise stories.

Even if, in some cases, we cannot fully understand their depth immediately, the beauty and simplicity of the message usually can reach us in one way or another.

They are made in such a way that they can connect with our spirit and make us ponder on the truth of the universe.

The Japanese Master And The Student Who Was A Thief

Born into a samurai family, Bankei Yotaku became one of the most renowned Japanese philosophers.

Many students from different parts of Japan came to Bankei's meditation classes. During such a course, one of the students was caught stealing. The problem was presented to the Japanese master, and the request of those who caught him was that the one caught actually be sent home. But, Bankei preferred to ignore the student's deed.

A few days later, the student was caught stealing again, but the problem was again ignored by the Bankei. Bankei's reaction infuriated the other students. They signed a petition demanding the expulsion of the thief from the classes.

Wisdom for the soul

When Bankei read the petition, he called all the students in front of him.

"You are wise," he told them. "You know what is right and what is wrong. You can go elsewhere to study if you want, but this poor brother of ours does not even know what is good and what is evil. Who will teach him if I don't? I'm going to keep him here, even if there's no one left but him."

Tears began to flow down the face of the student who stole. His desire to steal again was gone.

The Story Of The Two Monks and The Young Woman

Two monks were returning to the monastery at dusk and wanted to cross a river that had come out of the womb. Next to them, a young helpless woman asked them to help her cross the river with them.

The older monk, without thinking too much, took her in his arms and carried her to the other side of the water.

Ancient Wisdom: Inspiring Stories Touch Your Soul
The young monk, controlling his astonishment, said nothing until they reached the temple where they were to spend the night.

Failing to refrain, he rebuked his companion: "You know very well that we are not allowed to touch any woman. How could you take that woman in your arms?"

The old monk replied smiling: "That's right, I took her in my arms, but I put her down on the waterfront, you have been carrying her on your shoulders ever since".

The Story Of The Troubled Man

A long time ago, he came to a monk, a very troubled man, and asked him: "What's wrong with me? Why can't I find peace? Why am I not happy with my life?"

The old monk then took a bottle and, after half filling it with water, put it in front of the man and asked him: "How's this bottle?"

"It's half empty!" the man replied.

"See," said the monk, "I see it half full."

In life, you have to see more the beautiful and positive side of things and men, and not focus so much on the downsides and the negative aspects. A piece and ancient wisdom that will change your life.

The Story of the Greatest Warrior In The World

"Who do you handle the sword best in this world?" a warrior asked his master.

"Go to the field near the monastery," replied the master, "there is a rock there, I want you to insult it."

"Why should I do it?" the disciple asked. "The rock will not answer."

"All right, then attack it with your sword," said the master.

"I really won't," said the disciple. "My sword would break. And if I attacked her with my bare hands, I would break my fingers and get no results. That's not what I asked. I asked who handles the sword best in this world?"

"The best warrior is the one that is like that rock," explained the master. "Even without taking the sword out of its scabbard, no one can defeat it".

Ancient Wisdom - Inspiring Stories That Will Touch Your Soul
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The Story About the Disciple Who Fell A Thousand Times

A master was taking his disciple on a journey into the jungle. Even though he was old, he made his way with agility, while the disciple kept slipping and falling many times.

The young man got up and muttered angrily every time but continued to follow his master.

After the long journey, they arrived in a sacred place. Without stopping even for a moment, the master returned back quickly to the bumpy road they followed so far.

"You didn't teach me anything today," said the disciple irritated by the whole situation, after he fell for the thousandth time.

"I taught you one thing, but you couldn't understand it," replied the master. "I'm trying to teach you how to deal with mistakes in life".

"And how should I deal with them?", asked the puzzled disciple.

"In the same way you should have faced every fall you have taken today", the master answered. "Instead of cursing when you fell, you should have tried to understand first what made you slip."

Ancient Wisdom: Inspiring Stories Will Touch Your Soul
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The Story Of The Villager And The Huge Diamond

When a monk reached the edge of the village and sat down under a tree to spend the night, a villager came running and shouted: "Stone! Stone! Give me a stone!"

"What stone?" the monk asked.

"Last night, God told me in a dream that if I go to the edge of the village in the evening, a monk will give me a stone that will make me rich forever", explained the villager.

The monk rummaged through his cloth sack and took out a stone: "That's probably what He meant. I found it in the woods yesterday. Okay, take it if you want."

The man looked without believing his eyes. It was the largest diamond in the world. He was the size of a human head. He was delighted and could help to shout for joy.

But, as he arrived home, he writhed in bed all night.

In the morning, he woke the monk and said to him: "I changed my mind. Give me that wealth that allowed you to give me this gemstone without hesitation."

diamond Ancient Wisdom: Inspiring Stories That Will Touch Your Soul

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