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Article: At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Jeans

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Jeans

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Jeans

Have you ever wondered at what age should you stop wearing jeans? Well, there may be an answer to this question, according to a British survey.

The claim that jeans might have an expiry date prompted a survey of British shoppers, who were asked at what age they should bury "denim" trousers - jeans.

This research by courier service CollectPlus made it clear that Brits believe that after the age of 53, no one should wear their jeans on the street.

According to the CollectPlus marketing director, Catherine Woolfe, this is because people relate this fashion item to the younger generation.

"Surprisingly, our research shows that many people think jeans are reserved only for the younger generation, suggesting that we should keep this garment in the wardrobe after 53," explained Catherine Woolfe.

Jeans, Jeans Or Jeans?

Despite the outcome of the survey, the marketing director doesn't share the same view: "Denim is a universal material and covers so many styles that can be worn at any age. George Clooney is on the list of male celebrities who could very often be seen walking around in jeans."
Jeans fashion

In fact, many fashion experts believe that jeans can be worn at any age, as long as you're comfortable.

Research has also shown that most people find it difficult to find the perfect "jeans" and the price is usually higher than expected.

Brief History Of Jeans

The history of jeans begins 500 years ago in Genoa, Italy. The term "bleu-jeans" comes from the French "bleu de Genova", meaning "blue of Genoa", a fabric made of wool and cotton. The trousers evolved and were made from a fabric called denim, a fabric that has changed composition over the centuries.

The history of jeans is linked to the name of Levis Strauss, a Bavarian emigrant who opened a business in America in 1847, a business that immediately prospered. In 1955 after the appearance of American actor James Dean dressed in blue jeans in the film "Rebel Without A Cause", teenagers immediately adopted this style of clothing.

In 1885, a pair of jeans in the US cost $1.5, and the cost of the same jeans today starts at tens of dollars and can go up to thousands if they are made by famous fashion houses.

Finally, if you like the way you look in jeans, wear them, especially if you feel comfortable. Fashions pass, but jeans will remain to "rule" for a long time to come.

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