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Article: Beauty Secrets: Four Mistakes To Avoid Before Bedtime

Beauty Secrets: Four Mistakes To Avoid Before Bedtime
Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets: Four Mistakes To Avoid Before Bedtime

Aging is physiological, but some daily habits could accelerate the process of skin breakdown. Here are the four mistakes you should avoid making before going to sleep.

Wrinkles are a serious problem for most modern people because nowadays the way you look and your health are extremely important aspects.

According to Epoch Times, everyone knows that wrinkles are part of the natural aging process and no one can avoid them. However, with proper care, we can delay their appearance a little bit longer. There are several causes of wrinkles, although it's true that many of them are not well known.

1. Sleeping With Your Face Down

A good night's sleep is the first beauty treatment, but as dermatologist Purvisha Patel explains for Women's Health magazine, "when you sleep face down, gravity wins." And while in the morning the immediate effects result in a puffy face and eyes, over time this position promotes tissue relaxation and collagen loss, paving the way for wrinkles.

Tip: learn to sleep on your back.

This position is optimal for the spine but unfavorable for snorers. Under the influence of the weight, the abdomen and neck are pulled down, which makes breathing more difficult. However, if you don't snore, then this position is the best because the skin of the face does not come into contact with the bedding material.

2. Washing Your Face Before Going To Sleep

A common habit is not to wipe off make-up, or simply not to wash your face to remove sweat and dirt accumulated during the day, before going to bed. It's a habit that should be corrected as soon as possible if you want to avoid premature aging.

If we don't systematically clean our skin, the pores of our facial skin will gradually dilate, allowing sebum and cosmetic residues to penetrate. As a result, the face will look less fresh and youthful.

"If you leave make-up on your face, the pores of your facial skin will dilate and this encourages the appearance of pimples," Dr. Patel warns us.

Tip: use an exfoliating cleanser to wash your face and clear pores so skin can regenerate overnight.

3. Using Too Many Skin Care Products Is a Problem

Using a large number of skincare products, and moreover without knowing their proper use, can be really harmful.

"A classic example is products containing retinol, used to prevent wrinkles: if mixed with benzoyl peroxide, which is found in anti-acne products, they can irritate the skin and dry it out, highlighting even the finest wrinkles," points out the expert.

Tip: only use products you know are suitable for your skin type.

4. Fluid Intake

Water is essential, as it guarantees freshness and firmness to the skin. "When skin is dehydrated, it immediately looks drier". The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive, "and in the long term prolonged dehydration can lead to a loss of elasticity."

Tip: "fuel" your skin with at least six glasses of water every day.

Old age is often seen as tormenting. The skin loses elasticity, wrinkles appear, hair turns white, eyesight and hearing weaken, memory disorders, fatigue, irritability, pessimism, etc.

Sometimes depression is accentuated by the fear of death, especially when we lose loved ones. Retirement brings feelings of uselessness, frustration, the thought of being a burden to others. Then we need to let go of rigidity and become willing to change, to look for solutions, and adapt. We generally associate old age with helplessness, loneliness, illness.

But we can also look at old age differently, as the "golden age" or the "age of wisdom". It is the period when one accumulates spiritual wealth, life experiences, wisdom, moral values.

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