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Article: "Divine Astrology": Dr. Louise Turi Accurately Predicted Hurricane Katrina

"Divine Astrology": Dr. Louise Turi Accurately Predicted Hurricane Katrina - DSF Antique Jewelry
Divine Astrology

"Divine Astrology": Dr. Louise Turi Accurately Predicted Hurricane Katrina

How inaccessible really is the future? Fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, humans have always sought to understand the unseen laws that govern our world.

Over time, this human desire for knowledge has given rise to countless fields of research and study, some more interesting than others, though not all conventional.

One of the most fascinating such fields is divine astrology.

Explore The Mysteries Of Divine Astrology

The most famous exponent of this field was the famous Michael of Nostradamus, who claimed to be able to see into the future. Through his method of combining ordinary astrology with extrasensory perception, Nostradamus seems to have been able to explore areas of knowledge that scientists never dream of reaching.

At least that's the claim of those who are passionate about his writings and who credit him with a series of impressive prophecies - the French Revolution, the rise of Hitler, the Two World Wars, the invention of the submarine, the aeroplane and the balloon, through to the age of space stations and nuclear war. And the list goes on.

Although at the level of development it has reached today, modern science is not yet able to access this field, there are a number of related theories on time travel, other dimensions, etc. made by world-renowned scientists such as Albert Einstein and Michio Kaku.

Dr. Louise Turi Accurately Predicted Katrina

Divine astrology also fascinated the French doctor Louise Turi, who was born in the same place as the famous Nostradamus, in Provence, France. Initiated into the mysteries of astrology by her grandmother, Louise Turi began to explore the mysteries of the universe in a way that is little understood by the modern world.

"Astrology is not a pseudo-science, but a real science. Divine astrology helps you use what is called the third eye and gain access to the secrets of cosmic codes," Louise Turi told the documentary "Weird or What".

By learning the secrets of divine astrology, Louise Turi claims to have gained incredible powers of prediction. "I've been called the new Nostradamus, or modern Nostradamus."

Louise Turi began publishing his own prophecies, often very detailed, but few took him seriously, that is until June 15, 2005, when he was on a Coast to Coast AM radio show telling people to prepare for a huge hurricane that would affect thousands and thousands of people. He also told listeners when this natural disaster would occur on August 29.

Surprisingly, Hurricane Katrina hit the United States on 29 August, killing 1,800 people and causing 81 billion dollars in property damage.

And that wasn't his only major prophecy. According to "Weird or What", Louise Turi also predicted the 9/11 attacks, the Columbia space shuttle disaster, and other major world events.

"I teach people the spiritual value of the stars. We've developed so much technologically, but spiritually we're lagging behind. Divine laws have been ignored. I'm just trying to restore the balance between physical and spiritual values and help scientists look at things differently. We need to change our way of thinking and stop excluding the spiritual side," said Louise Turi.

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