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Article: Explore The World: Forbidden Things In Dubai

Explore The World: Forbidden Things In Dubai - DSF Antique Jewelry
Explore The World

Explore The World: Forbidden Things In Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven independent city-states that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is the most modern and has developed greatly especially in the field of tourism and trade.

Dubai is, in itself, a desert city with a superb infrastructure, liberal policies (by local standards), that has become world-renowned for its excellent tourist facilities. It is only a five-hour flight from Europe and it is an ideal tourist destination for shopping, beaches, parties, sporting events. It is the city of superlatives: the largest, the tallest, the fastest.

But Dubai is an Islamic city, and, according to Epoch Times, although they treat tourists very nicely, the tourists must still follow local rules if they do not want to spend at least one night in prison and be banned from ever walking into this country again.

Forbidden Things In Dubai: Alcohol Consumption In Public

The nightlife in Dubai is very lively. You will find many bars, clubs, famous DJs and concerts of international superstars.

It is good to know, however, that there are a few rules to follow when it comes to alcohol consumption:

- alcohol is sold only in licensed locations, usually near hotels (most clubs and bars belong to hotels, even if the entrance is separate);

- no alcohol is sold during religious holidays, nor during Ramadan (not even to non-Muslims);

- it is forbidden to consume alcohol in public areas;

- it is forbidden to be drunk in public - you risk imprisonment and expulsion from the country;

- it is forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol; the person involved in a road accident, under the influence of alcohol can end up staying one month in prison plus a consistent fine;

- alcohol can be bought only for consumption in your own home, and only in certain licensed stores. In supermarkets, you will find only non-alcoholic beer. The sale of products containing alcohol is also prohibited;

- it is recommended that you have your passport with you, as the law prohibits access to bars and clubs for people under 21 years of age.

Explore The World: Forbidden Things Dubai

Forbidden Things In Dubai: Public Displays Of Affection

Kissing and holding hands are considered not appropriate in public, including in clubs or bars. Public display of affection is considered disrespectful, and those who break this law risk getting a fine, or even imprisonment and deportation. Only holding hands for a married couple is tolerated, but kissing and petting are not allowed.

In Dubai, if you are unmarried you are not allowed to share the hotel room with a person of the opposite sex. But in order not to drive away tourists, sometimes this rule does not apply much. However, sex outside of marriage is illegal not only for locals but also for tourists. Unfortunately, few people know this and end up in prison.

The international press wrote about some foreign tourists who ended up behind bars because they stayed in the same hotel room without being married. Unmarried couples who are arrested may be released after a marriage certificate has been issued.

Biased, rude, political, or religious gestures are severely punished in any Arab country.

It is also forbidden to touch local women. Under no circumstances should a stranger address or speak to an unknown woman without her consent.

Forbidden Things In Dubai: Dressing In A Way That Is Considered Indecent

Women should dress modestly, not "provocative", regardless of the Arab country in which they live.

In malls, there are posters at the entrance that remind women to wear blouses that cover their shoulders and cleavage and skirts that are at least knee-length.

Men should also have their chests covered and their underwear should not be visible.

You can wear bathing suits on the beach, but topless is prohibited.

Forbidden Things In Dubai: Taking Photos Without Permission

In Dubai, no one is allowed to photograph locals without first asking for their consent.

The rule is extremely important, especially if you want to photograph women.

It is also illegal to photograph government buildings.

Forbidden Things In Dubai. Eating In Public During The Day During Ramadan

Ramadan is the fast that Muslims engage in for a month, and during this time from sunrise to sunset, they do not eat or drink anything.

During this time, tourists are is forbidden to eat in public, they can only do it in hotels.

Forbidden Things In Dubai: Eating Pork Meat

The consumption of pork is totally forbidden. All food served in restaurants and hotels is considered to be Halal, meaning good for Muslims.

It is very difficult to find and buy a piece of pork in a restaurant in an Arab country, and if you still find it, the price is extremely spicy.

Forbidden Things In Dubai: Drugs and Medicines

There are several products and objects that cannot be brought into the country. If they are found at customs, the tourists will have some serious problems.

Illegal products include drugs and some medicine that are considered illegal, such as analgesics and remedies for colds and flu, especially those containing codeine. Those who have these products on them will receive at least 4 years in prison.

Poppy seeds and bread products containing these seeds are also prohibited, as the poppy is considered a drug. It is very important for tourists going to Dubai to know in advance all the substances banned at customs.

Remember, you risk being arrested if a simple urine test shows traces of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana in your system.

Forbidden Things In Dubai: Pornographic Materials

Under no circumstances may you bring with you on your laptop or DVD material that may contain pornography, nudity, or other obscenities.

Also, any sex toy is strictly forbidden and you can be arrested if you have such a thing with you.

Forbidden Things In Dubai: To Many Cigarettes

Smoking is not prohibited, but in order not to be arrested, you can have a maximum of 400 cigarettes or 500 grams of tobacco. Otherwise, you will have problems with the law.

Forbidden Things In Dubai: Gambling

Gambling is considered illegal in the United Arab Emirates, so do not bring playing cards or roulette with you, as you can spend many years in prison because of this.

Forbidden Things In Dubai: Israeli Products, Icons, Paintings Or Statues

The relationship between the Arab countries and Israel has always been a problem.

So, if you've paid a visit to Tel Aviv before and thought about bringing some souvenirs with you, it's not such a good idea. It is forbidden to enter the United Arab Emirates with any kind of gifts that have Israeli symbols.

In the case of religious icons and paintings, not all of them are forbidden, but only those that contradict or ridicule Muslim laws. So be careful what kind of books, photos, and other souvenirs you bring with you to Dubai.

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