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Article: How to select the jewelry according to eye color - TIPS & TRICKS

How to select the jewelry according to eye color - TIPS & TRICKS - DSF Antique Jewelry

How to select the jewelry according to eye color - TIPS & TRICKS

Eye color can be an element you can use to your advantage, especially when it comes to choosing pieces of clothing or accessories.
Jewelry is an item that can make you stand out at any time and can be selected according to several criteria.
It is said that if you match your jewelry with the shade of your eyes, the effect will be impressive. So, check out some useful tips on how to select your accessories with this important detail in mind.
Aquamarine diamond ring gold
How to choose your jewelry according to your eye color
If you have blue eyes, definitely blue semi-precious stones are the first choice you should consider. You can choose jewelry with lapis lazuli or other crystals in this shade.
Also, for those who have such eyes, brown, grey, silver, and green tones are recommended, which have the ability to intensify the blue of your eyes.
Agate and quartz are two very popular choices and it's good to know that these stones not only look great but also have extraordinary properties. Blue topaz or aquamarine are also options worth considering, especially if you have light blue eyes.
Brown eyes are enhanced by colors such as yellow, green, or brown. However, this eye shade is quite permissive, so you can opt for various shades, even bold ones like pink or orange.
Among the stones most loved by brown-eyed people are amethyst, ruby, and tourmaline, but also amber, citrine, garnet, or jade.
Green eyes are perfectly complemented by a set of jewelry made of gold or containing green stones (such as emerald or malachite). Silver jewelry is also perfect for those with green eyes.

according to eye color malachite jewelry
Black eyes allow you to experiment with a multitude of bold shades and colors, as black can be combined with numerous color ranges.
So, if you want to look classy and elegant, you can opt for diamonds or clear crystals - but if you want to have a refined look and stand out at the same time, you can wear rubies or amethysts that will make your eyes more intense.
Choosing jewelry matching eye color
If you want to find out how to match your jewelry to your eye color, you need to take a look at how the colors can complement each other aesthetically.
You can look at some of the aesthetic studies that have been carried out in this direction or you can research the choices of famous designers or the works of visual or plastic artists.
However, you should also think about what kind of accessories to choose: earrings, for example, are an excellent choice when you want to match your jewelry with your eye color, as there is little distance between the eyes and the ears, and the color combination can be easily seen.
So, you can select ladies’ earrings that make you look your best.
diamond earrings fancy
But beyond matching earrings, there are other categories of jewelry you can wear depending on your eye color. You can browse the range of ladies' rings or ladies' bracelets, but you can also try wearing ladies' necklaces that bring out the special shade of your eyes.
All in all, there are many types of accessories you can buy, taking into account the special color your eyes have.
Take into account the advice of specialists, but also take into account your personal preferences - after all, the most important thing is to find a combination that suits you in every way, with the aim of feeling good about yourself, wearing the most beautiful jewelry!
You will surely find special and unique designs, that you will wear with pride and which you will gladly add to your collection!
We invite you to visit our website, taking into account the above tips. You will surely be able to choose the most suitable jewelry or accessories to highlight your most attractive features.  
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