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Article: Interesting Facts About Traveling: Codes Of Conduct From Around The World

Interesting Facts About Traveling: Codes Of Conduct From Around The World - DSF Antique Jewelry
Codes Of Conduct

Interesting Facts About Traveling: Codes Of Conduct From Around The World

We all love to travel and immerse ourselves in new cultures and experiences, try new foods, and meet people from other countries.

The diversity of the planet's cultures is impressive and sometimes unusual, so to avoid unpleasant surprises it's good to get to know some of the customs of the people.

We invite you on a virtual journey through the customs of different countries, some of which will make you laugh and some of which are likely to amaze you.

Codes Of Conduct From Around The World

1. Venezuela: Be Late!

Guests who arrive early or on time are seen as overzealous. Usually arriving 30 minutes late is seen as normal, but VIPs can be even later to "make their entrance".

2. Egypt: Don't Spice Up Your Food!

If you sprinkle salt on your food in Egypt, your host will be insulted, because that means - in their culture - what you have on your plate tastes bad for you.

3. Norway: Use Your Knife And Fork At All Times!

Good table manners are extremely important and utensils are used for all dishes, including sandwiches and pizza.

4. China: Never Send These Gifts!

Don't give watches, towels, handkerchiefs, shoes (especially sandals), white or black items, gifts consisting of a set of four things - all are associated with death and burial in China.

Also, avoid giving someone green hats as they are linked to female adultery.

Never give umbrellas or sharp objects such as knives as they symbolize the end of a relationship or friendship.

5. Netherlands: Don't Offer Fancy Kitchen Knives!

In the Netherlands, sharp objects are believed to bring bad luck.

6. France: No Ice!

Although the French like their drinks cold, ice is only added to drinks at the request of the customer because many believe it dilutes the flavor of the drink.

7. Hungary: Don't Clink Your Glass during a toast!

The tradition dates back to 1849 when Austrian generals celebrated the defeat of Hungary and the killing of 13 Hungarian military leaders by clinking their beer glasses. The Hungarians vowed not to clink glasses for 150 years and then continued to keep their promise after the time was up.

8. Bolivia: Watch Out For Their Neighbours!

Bolivia has lost many wars to neighboring countries and the wounds have not yet healed, so if you want to make friends there don't ever praise Chile, Brazil, or Paraguay.

9. Turkey: Leave The Bill!

It's customary for the person who asks you out to pay the bill. If you want to pay your share you will have to invite your host to another restaurant. You can ask to split the bill, which will be seen as polite, but the request will not be accepted.

So, watch out, this means that if you invite someone out you will have to pay for everything!

10. Japan: Watch Out For Chopsticks!

In Japan, it is extremely important to respect etiquette. It's rude to play, poke or point chopsticks at food. Make sure you use the back of chopsticks to take food from a shared plate as this is considered hygienic. Never leave chopsticks stuck in a bowl of rice as this is reserved for funerals.

11. Korea: Red Means Death!

Writing someone's name in red ink means the person has died. Make sure you remember this especially when writing a card.

12. Finland: Sauna Means All Is Well!

Saunas are the Finnish way of socializing and relaxing. If you are invited to a sauna after a business meeting you can be sure that the meeting went very well. Don't forget that Finns take saunas completely naked.

13. Indonesia: Don't Point Fingers!

It's considered rude to point at someone or something with your index finger, so locals use their thumb for this action.

14. Thailand: Don't Stand If Grandma Is Sitting Down!

Respect for the elderly is taken very seriously in Thailand. It is considered disrespectful to have your body in a higher position than someone older than you. If grandma sits on the chair it is best to sit on the floor.

15. Poland: The woman Is The Queen Of The Kitchen!

Don't poke your nose into the kitchen or fridge of a Polish household, especially if the lady of the house is at home. That's where her kingdom is. The saying "make yourself at home" won't help you make friends in Poland.

16. Japan: Sip The Noodles!

Not sipping your noodles is considered very disrespectful in Japan.

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