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Article: King Charles's Unusual Gifts to Palace Employees

King Charles's Unusual Gifts to Palace Employees - DSF Antique Jewelry

King Charles's Unusual Gifts to Palace Employees

What unusual gifts does King Charles of Great Britain offer to his Palace employees, discreetly placing them in their closets?

The tradition of modest gifts within the British royal family is well-known. However, there's more to it than that. Employees sometimes find themselves the recipients of downright amusing gifts. What's the story?

King Charles, the monarch with a highly developed sense of humor, has a unique Christmas tradition of bestowing unconventional gifts upon his staff, according to former employee Grant Harrold. Having served as a butler for Charles for seven years, Harrold disclosed that the king would discreetly place these "eccentric" gifts in their closets every festive season.

King Charles's Unusual Gifts to Palace Employees 3Photo Credit: The Royal Family

The Unusual Gifts Offered By King Charles

Grant Harrold revealed to "The Mirror" that King Charles would surreptitiously introduce these gifts into the wardrobes of his staff at Highgrove, his residence in Gloucestershire.

"We all had wardrobes, and on Christmas morning, we'd discover amusing items in them," he explained.

"Once, he left a tin of salmon! In another year, I received a salt and pepper grinder wrapped in a ribbon," the former butler amusingly recounted.

"I believe he received them from somewhere and decided to share them with us. I use the term 'bizarre' because you don't anticipate receiving such things. They are amusing because there's this practical aspect. Nothing goes to waste; they are useful," clarified Grant Harrold.

He also disclosed that the Palace staff greatly appreciates receiving Christmas cards from the royal family members.

"At Christmas, we always receive the famous Christmas card. Before marrying Camilla, now the Queen, I recall she sent Christmas cards on behalf of herself, William, and Harry, and that was always something very special."

According to the former royal employee, there were years when they received exceptional gifts, such as beautiful tea cups, saucers, or whiskey glasses.

"One year, we were gifted a splendid decanter," he mentioned.

Now that Charles is king, he may allocate an even greater number of Christmas gifts for his staff. It seems that the late Queen used to oversee over 600 gifts for her staff and provided over 1500 Christmas puddings annually. This was one of her great pleasures.

The Royal Family During The Holidays

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, the British royal family upholds a rich tapestry of traditions that adds warmth and festivity to their celebrations. The royals typically attend a Christmas Day church service at St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, providing an opportunity for well-wishers to catch a glimpse of them. 

The exchange of presents on Christmas Eve, following the German tradition, is a cherished family moment. The king delivers his annual Christmas message to the nation, reflecting on the year and emphasizing unity. The royal residences are adorned with festive decorations, with Christmas trees and intricate displays gracing the halls.

As the New Year approaches, the royal family often participates in events and ceremonies, engaging with the public through well-wishing and acknowledging the year's achievements. The ringing of the bells at Westminster is a symbolic part of the New Year's festivities. Overall, these traditions reflect a blend of historical continuity and the royal family's connection with the people during the holiday season.




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