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Article: Delightful Expensive Jewel: A Panettone Covered With Gold And Diamonds

Delightful Expensive Jewel: A Panettone Gold Diamonds

Delightful Expensive Jewel: A Panettone Covered With Gold And Diamonds

A gold and diamond-covered panettone, worth a total of €700,000, was presented as a wedding present to an Indian couple.

The Italian bakery product was bought by an Indian textile businessman. He gave it as a gift to a niece on the occasion of her wedding. The bride had fallen in love with panettone during her studies in Italy.

This bakery product contained five kilograms of chocolate from Ecuador, saffron, and spices, wrapped in 22-carat gold foil, adorned with several diamond bracelets of various sizes and values, and a white gold diamond tiara.

Delightful Expensive Jewel: A Panettone Covered With Gold And Diamonds

Photo: The most expensive Panettone is covered with gold and diamonds (Source: Screenshot of Torino

Who Is The Author Of The Bakery Masterpiece
The author of the "masterpiece" is baker Dario Hartvig, who spent three days to make it.

Born in Turin, Germany, Dario Hartvig lives between Turin and Barcelona with his wife Linda and 16-year-old son Tommaso.

The profession of pastry chef began at age 14.

But it was in 1996, after a six-month stay in New York, that Hartvig decided to return to Italy, where they offered him the management of a pastry workshop in Carmagnola.

The pastry workshop is described as a place where fragrances of dough intertwine and, over the years, have given rise to a true dessert atelier.

And, between cookies and cakes, the idea of the Panettone Gioiello was born.

"The first one was commissioned from me by a wealthy Indian man for his niece, who was soon to be married. The girl lived and studied in Italy and fell in love with the panettone. So, the uncle thought it would make a nice wedding gift.

He commissioned me to make a 5-kilo one with saffron and chocolate flavor. It took three days to make, of which an hour and a half was spent solely on the gold leaf coating, adorned with a 23-carat white gold tiara and diamonds," the master pastry chef says.

What Is Panettone
Panettone is a classic Italian Christmas cake, with a traditional dough: sugar, flour, milk, sourdough, and eggs. However, the addition of saffron and an Equadoreño cru and, flakes of gold inside makes it already a high-quality artisan product for the ingredients used.

For Dario Hartvig, luxury has become a habit. His pastry shop in Carmagnola, south of Turin, has been attracting the attention of billionaires for years.

Ten years ago, a Russian tycoon inaugurated his first pestiferous order - a precious €80,000 tiramisu. The gourmet billionaire, who became a regular customer, then asked for a luxury panettone - with candied chestnuts and diamonds - at the astronomical price of €500,000.

The Pastry Chef Protects His Products From Possible Theft
Dario Hartvig protects his products from theft in the same way that jewelry shops do. His customers pick up their orders outside shop hours.

"At 4.00 in the morning, my Russian customer sent his trusty Russian person to pick up his panettone. My Indian customer was late in the evening. Every delivery has its own story", he recounted.

The Italian baker is also known for his huge pastries - 50-kilo maxi-panettone. In 2022, these were delivered to events in the United Arab Emirates and Monte Carlo.
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