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Article: Mind-Blowing: Incredible Stories About Sleepwalkers

Mind-Blowing: Incredible Stories About Sleepwalkers - DSF Antique Jewelry
Incredible Stories

Mind-Blowing: Incredible Stories About Sleepwalkers

Although several theories have been put forward, modern science is still far from being able to fully explain sleepwalking, or the causes that trigger it. Here are some incredible stories about sleepwalkers.

Sleepwalkers usually have their eyes open and show a "glassy-eyed" appearance while doing various things. For some, this particular condition is a very serious problem, but for others, it has turned into an unexpected advantage.

Sleepwalking generally occurs in children and usually disappears by adolescence, and is quite uncommon in adults. But not everyone fits this general pattern.

We will present below a series of incredible stories about famous sleepwalkers.

The Sleepwalking Artist

Meet Lee Hadwin, who by day is a nurse, but by night is an artist. He creates strange and fantastic works of art that he doesn't remember drawing when he wakes up the next morning.

Nicknamed "Kipasso", he says he is extremely intrigued by his nocturnal talent, especially as during the day he has no interest or skill in arts. Several large art galleries have become interested in his work, being eager to market these works for their artistic value as well as the novelty they present.

Lee Hadwin began sleepwalking when he was four, but his parents thought it was a normal phase of childhood. When he was a teenager, he began making drawings on his bedroom walls while he slept. Once, when he stayed at a friend's house, he covered his friend's kitchen walls with Doodles while he slept, an embarrassing discovery the next day at breakfast. When he outgrew his teenage years the intensity of his sleepwalking increased and Hadwin would wake up to find everything nearby - tablecloths, newspapers, clothes, and walls - covered in Doodles.

Hoping to harness his uncanny ability, he began to leave materials on hand when he went to bed and, sure enough, when he awoke he found ready-made works. When he leaves the house he prepares for his nightly wanderings with sketchbooks and special drawing pencils that he scatters around the house, especially under the stairs, a favorite spot for the "artist in him."

Sleepwalking Lawnmower

In 2005, a sleepwalking computer expert was found by his wife in front of the house using a lawnmower. It was 2:00 am and the man was naked. Rebecca Armstrong was woken by a noise coming from the garden. When she realized her husband Ian wasn't in bed she went downstairs to see what was going on.
Sleepwalking People
Rebecca found Ian, completely naked, mowing the grass. She was afraid to wake him because she was told it could be dangerous to disturb someone who was sleepwalking. She just unplugged the mower, went back to sleep, and let him continue. Ian went back to bed and later when Rebecca told him what had happened, he was stunned.

Sleepwalkers Who Cook

Chef Robert Wood sleepwalks four or five times a week. He "wakes up" and heads to the kitchen, where he prepares omelets, fries, and chips. Together with his wife Eleanor, they have become increasingly worried about these manifestations, fearing he will have an accident while cooking in the kitchen.

Mr. Wood believes an ulcer may be at the root of the problem. Because his condition only allows him to eat very small portions of food, he believes hunger could be causing his nightly trips to the kitchen.

Lesley Cusack is a woman from Chesire, England, who eats in her sleep. While this sounds harmless enough, it can be extremely dangerous for a number of reasons. Lesley has had to change her daytime diet and join a fitness club because she eats a lot at night. But the amount of food isn't the only danger. She cooks in her sleep using a gas oven. If she forgot to turn on the gas it would endanger everyone in the house.

In fact, there is also a risk to her health not from the amount of food she eats, or how she cooks, but from what she eats. Sometimes Lesley eats inedible things like Vaseline, paint, and washing powder. She has put alarms on her doors in the hope they will wake her up but to no avail. The woman became very worried about this problem.

The Sleepwalker Who Climbed On A Crane

One night, the police in Dulwich, England, was called to respond to a possible suicide attempt. A girl climbed onto an inactive crane on a construction site about 40 meters in the air. A firefighter climbed onto the crane to try to persuade her to come down, but to his surprise found her asleep.

The 15-year-old girl was sleepwalking. When the firefighter reached her he was afraid to wake her, given the extremely narrow space she was in. He was afraid that the girl would startle when he woke her up and then fall off the crane. The firefighter searched her and found her mobile phone, then called her parents. The parents explained that she was sleepwalking and made a plan.

The firefighter hung up and the parents called her back and she woke up. The girl had climbed 40 meters in height and walked on the crane arm a distance of 12 meters.

The Famous Sleepwalking Detective

A famous case of sleepwalking is that of Robert Ledru, one of France's best 19th-century detectives. Although he lived in Paris, he was at one point working on a case in Le Havre when he was contacted by his Paris office and asked to take over the investigation of a murder the local police were having difficulty with.

Parisian André Monet was shot and killed on a local beach. The only clues were the bullet, which was far too common to be of any use, and the tracks left by the killer. Ledru examined the tracks and came to an incredible realization. The killer was missing the big toe on his right foot. Ledru was also missing this toe and had woken up that day to find his socks wet. Plus, the bullet was the same kind he used. He realized that he himself had killed Monet while sleepwalking, a condition he believed was caused by his syphilis.

Understandably, the French police were reluctant to accept this theory when Ledru self-reported, so they decided to experiment. They placed him in a cell overnight to observe what happened. From the first night, he showed signs of sleepwalking. So they then decided to place a firearm in the cell with him, and the next night he fired at the guards while he slept. The police decided he could not be held accountable for his actions, but that he still posed a threat, so he was exiled to a farm in the countryside, where he lived for the last 50 years of his life, surrounded by guards and nurses.

And there are many more such incredible stories about sleepwalkers which will blow your mind, we just presented a few to illustrate this mysterious condition that modern science has great difficulty understanding.

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