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Article: Princess Kate Middleton Embarrassed Herself On Her First Date With William

Princess Kate Middleton Embarrassed Herself On Her First Date With William

Princess Kate Middleton Embarrassed Herself On Her First Date With William

The first date between Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, and Prince William, the future British king, was nothing short of a disaster!

At the onset of their relationship, there was an awkward moment that these royal lovebirds managed to laugh off.

We all believe that a first date with a prince is an unforgettable and extraordinary experience. However, due to her nervousness, the Princess of Wales attempted to lighten the mood with a joke – but it backfired, leading to her own embarrassment.

Kate Middleton Had An Embarrassing Moment On Her First Date with William

Kate Middleton thought she could break the ice with this prominent member of the British monarchy through humor, but unfortunately, it didn't go as planned and ended up casting her in an unflattering light.
Kate Middleton Catherine,_Princess_of_Wales
Photo Credit: The Royal Family

As reported by Heart Radio, on their inaugural date, Kate Middleton playfully attempted to curtsy to William, but she lost her balance and took a tumble. To make matters worse, during her fall, she accidentally struck the prince's hand, causing him to spill his drink. It was a complete catastrophe!

The Princess of Wales' attempt to appear nonchalant in front of the son of King Charles III went terribly wrong.

The Love Story of Kate and William

However, Kate wasn't the only one who experienced a comical mishap at the start of their romance.

Prince William confessed that he was exceptionally clumsy in Middleton's presence. How did he attempt to impress the future British queen?

"I tried my hand at cooking her an elegant meal, but all that occurred in the kitchen was burnt food and spilled dishes. Everything seemed to catch fire or spill over... She was there in the background, trying to assist me, and eventually took control of the entire operation," William humorously disclosed to the Press Association.

At one point, the Princess of Wales admitted that she blushed when she first met Prince William. "I believe I turned crimson in the cheeks when I first encountered you and began to stutter; I was exceedingly shy," Kate confessed to her husband.

"When I initially met Kate, I knew there was something extraordinary about her. I sensed there was something I wanted to discover about her," Prince William revealed regarding the mother of their three children.

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