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Article: Six Of The Strangest Places In The World

Six Of The Strangest Places In The World - DSF Antique Jewelry
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Six Of The Strangest Places In The World

There are many strange places in the world that have fascinated people for a very long time. Here are our top six!

We all know that there are many places on Earth that people call strange, they arouse curiosity and cause an inexplicable attraction. From an enigmatic old house to mysterious deep waters, many people travel thousands of miles to get to know these strange places.

Here are six strange places in different corners of the world that you might want to visit one day.

Discover Six Of The Strangest Places In The World

1. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the "Devil's Triangle", is a mysterious sea area in the Atlantic Ocean, roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

The Bermuda Triangle is 1.2 million km² and has been associated with many inexplicable phenomena. We are talking about strange things like spectacular disappearances, and space-time distortions.

A large number of people, ships, and planes have disappeared without a trace while sailing or flying over the region. Some people believe the disappearances are linked to paranormal activity.

The mere mention of the Bermuda Triangle stirs people's emotions, imagination, and desire to find out the truth behind the mysterious phenomena associated with this strange place on Earth.

Some say it is a gate gateway to another dimension, while others believe it to be an urban legend or myth. So planes still pass the Bermuda Triangle today.

2. The Gates of Hell

Hell's Gate is located in the desert of Turkmenistan and is a very special place to visit. This huge crater is filled with natural gas, which has been burning continuously for over 50 years (from 1971).

Because of the carbon build-up, there is a strong smell of sulfur that can be smelled many kilometers away from this natural gas hole. To enjoy this place, you need to take a special trip to Turkmenistan and see the wonder at night.

However, not long ago, the president of Turkmenistan ordered the flames extinguished and the crater in the Karakum desert sealed.
The president argued that the flames burning in the 70-meter-wide pit are having a "negative impact on the environment and the health of the surrounding population".

"We are wasting valuable natural resources for which we could receive gains that could be used to increase the welfare of our people," he added, according to statements broadcast by state television.

He, therefore, ordered the authorities to "find a solution to put out the fire" burning in Darvaza.

Gates of  hell Strangest Places In The World

Darvaza, also known as the "Gates of Hell", was said to have been deliberately set on fire by Soviet authorities, hoping the fire would be extinguished within weeks.

However, over 50 years later, the crater is still burning and its true origins are still shrouded in mystery. Authorities have tried several times to extinguish it, without success.

Meanwhile, Turkmenistan has been trying to make the site, 270km from the capital Ashabad, a tourist attraction.  

3. The Eye of Africa

Another strange place: The Eye of Africa or the Eye of Sahara, as it is also known, is found in Mauritania. From a height, this area of the Earth looks like a human eye.

Six Of The Strangest Places In The World w

Some scientists believe a meteorite hit the Earth and formed this strange place, others believe it was created by an unknown nuclear explosion. Because roads are bad in Mauritania, the view can only be seen from the air.

4. The Mystery of Winchester House

The Winchester Mystery House, in San Jose, California, is a mansion measuring 2,230 square feet with 160 rooms. The house was built to house evil spirits, and for this reason, it was also named the "House of Spirits".

Six Of The Strangest Places In The World h

To underline the eccentricity, this house has secret corridors, false doors, and strange staircases.

5. The Blood Waterfall

This incredible natural phenomenon, Blood Falls, is located in Antarctica and flows into Lake Bonney. It gets its name from the strange blood-red color of its waters, although it's not real blood.

The reddish color of Blood Falls has been attributed to microbial life in the aquatic environment - bacteria that feed on sulfur and iron and are found in the water beneath the glacier.

6. The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole, located about 100 kilometers off the coast of Belize, leads to several underground caves and is home to many unknown sea creatures.

Included in the list of the 10 best places to dive, many divers visit the area to take advantage of the whole day. If someone is looking for a unique diving experience, they can book cheap tickets from Belize for their next vacation.

Six Of The Strangest Places In The World b

If you want to create your own adventure, you can definitely travel to one of these destinations. Not just because they are considered strange, but they also offer many other attractions to explore during your visit.

However, it is best to avoid Winchester House and the Bermuda Triangle, for your own safety. You never know what could happen.

Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: The Epoch Times / The Gates of Hell

Photo Credit: Wikipedia /  The Eye of Africa

Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Winchester Mystery House

Photo Credit: Great Blue Hole / Screenshot Youtube

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