Six Simple Natural Remedies For Skin Rejuvenation

There is a wide range of expensive products, techniques, and interventions for facial rejuvenation and improving the appearance of the skin. However, Mother Nature also offers us some simple but very effective remedies.

We still recommend six easy-to-prepare and easy-to-apply recipes that can help you get a brighter, smoother skin at a very low cost.

Rice Vinegar

Mix the rice vinegar with water. Use the solution obtained to wipe the face. It has the property of changing the PH of the skin, removing bacteria from the skin, cleansing pores, and preventing acne.

The ratio of vinegar to water is 1:20.

Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent tonic! It contains an antioxidant that slows down aging, protects us from sunlight, softens and moisturizes the skin.

Prepare the infusion (a packet of green tea in 2 liters of boiling water), cool, and wash your face with it.
Six Simple Natural Remedies For Skin Rejuvenation Traditional


Saltwater is a powerful natural exfoliant. It has a lifting effect and is especially recommended for persons with oily skin.

Add two teaspoons of salt to the water, mix it and wash your face with the solution. Your skin will look fresh and delicate.


Honey contains amino acids, enzymes, and vitamins. Due to these properties, it moisturizes the skin, slows down the aging process, and reduces inflammation.

Add two or three drops of honey to the water and moisten the face. Massage it gently for a few minutes. This method is not recommended for people with oily skin.

Rice Water

The water in which the rice was soaked can be used to moisturize and cleanse the skin. It has no side effects, especially if you are prone to acne or have oily skin.

Soak the rice in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes, then wash your face with the solution.

White Sugar

White sugar contains vitamins B1, B2, and vitamin C. It is used to exfoliate the skin, remove scars after acne, and has no contraindications.
Mix the sugar with water so that you get the contents of a paste. Massage the skin for one minute with the paste obtained, then rinse thoroughly.

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