The Fruits That Keep Princess Anne In Perfect Shape

Princess Anne, the late Queen Elizabeth II's daughter,  is 72 years old but she is in excellent physical condition. One of her secrets: two fruits that are within everyone's reach.

The fruits that Princess Anne enjoys eating keep her energy levels up. She has a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

The former royal chef Darren McGray revealed some of the secrets sounding the British Royal Family, among which is the eating habits of Queen Elizabeth II's daughter.

Discover The Fruits That Keep Princess Anne In Perfect Shape

Princess Anne has a healthy diet and includes foods that give her energy throughout the day. Her figure is also enviable.

According to former royal chef Darren McGray, Princess Anne likes to eat fruit, including bananas, for breakfast. But her favorites are the blackened bananas, according to

"Princess Anne almost always preferred the bananas almost black – overripe – because they digest easier," the chef told Today.

Brown bananas are healthy and may even have higher nutritional values than green or yellow ones.

"A full brown banana is an antioxidant powerhouse," according to research published in a paper by Spoon University specialists.

Those who eat ripe bananas daily also benefit from improved mood, because they contain tryptophan, an amino acid that the body uses as raw material to produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is directly linked to our mood and sleep routine.  

Princess Anne Likes To Eat Kiwi As A Snack

According to her daughter Zara, the princess usually carries a kiwi fruit, which she eats when her energy levels are low.

Considered a superfruit, the kiwi is made up of vitamin C and vitamin K. It is also an ideal fruit to eat because it helps digest protein.

The Kiwi fruit is also a source of antioxidants and fiber, which help to cleanse the colon of toxins and reduce the development of colon cancer.

The fruit also helps lower cholesterol levels, which in turn reduces the risk of a heart attack.

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