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Article: The Graff Pink – One Of The World's Greatest Diamonds Ever Discovered

The Graff Pink – One Of The World's Greatest Diamonds Ever Discovered - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Graff Pink – One Of The World's Greatest Diamonds Ever Discovered

Given that pink diamonds are among the rarest gemstones, the Graff Pink is an extremely unique stone.

The Graff Pink, a rare 24.78-carat diamond, is among the most well-known naturally occurring pink diamonds in history.

According to legend, the Graff Pink got its unique color over its millions of years of underground formation by absorbing light in an unexpected way.

Harry Winston, a well-known jeweler from York who owned several well-known gems, including the Hope Diamond and the Briolette of India, was the initial owner of the piece.

The name of this magnificent stone was given by Laurence Graff.
The Graff Pink – One Of The World's Greatest Diamonds Ever Discovered
The Graff Pink: From Harry Winston To Laurence Graff
Beautiful gems, pink diamonds are regarded as the rarest kind of diamonds. Pink diamonds that weigh five times as much as they are considered even rarer.

One of the most distinctive stones in the pink diamond section is the Graff Pink.

Its origins are unknown, and even in the twenty-first century, it remains a mystery.

The most well-known pink diamond, the Graff Pink, was preserved for 60 years in Harry Winston's incredible collection.

Harry Winston sold it to a private collector who wanted to stay unidentified in the 1950s. The stone, mounted in a ring, was made public during the Sotheby's auction, which took place on November 16, 2010, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Laurence Graff, the proprietor of Graff Diamonds and a renowned diamond collector dubbed the "King of Bling," won this remarkable stone at auction.

Prior to the sale, the Graff Pink diamond, which made it into the top ten most valuable gems, was estimated to have cost between $27 and $38 million.

It broke records at Sotheby's auction house and was one of the most costly pink emerald cut stone single jewels ever sold when Laurence Graff bought it for an astounding $46 million, making it the most valuable stone of those times, according to

Flawless diamond?

A possibly perfect diamond grade was assigned to the Graff Pink.

This indicates that the Graff Pink required some little polishing.

It had twenty-five inherent imperfections, according to Graff Diamonds, but its experts used state-of-the-art technology to rectify those flaws. All of this while maintaining the symmetry and form of the diamond.

Despite the significant dangers involved in re-cutting the stone, Mr. Graff believed it was possible because of his experience.

The finest expert further refined the pink diamond graff. Afterward, the Graff pink diamond gained greater accuracy, possessing an intense pink color and perfect internal purity.

The diamond lost 0.90 carats of weight after being re-polished. Nevertheless, the stone doubled its value by being the most flawless pink-colored emerald cut diamond.

Diamond cutters keep their secrets and identities very hidden. The most flawless cuts are produced by fusing centuries-old wisdom with cutting-edge technology in modern diamond cutting, which highlights the brightness of a faultless gem.

Increasing the intensity of the diamond's hue was another goal for the Graff Company. The Graff Pink diamond had an even more stunning appearance after the color was improved.

As a result, the Type IIa categorized stone changed from being possibly flawless to an internally flawless diamond and from an intense pink diamond to a vivid pink.

The Gemological Institute of America received the diamond to be graded. Therefore, the Graff Pink was certified as a vivid pink diamond with an internal flawless grading of 24.78 carats.

One Of The Most Desirable Diamonds

The most sought-after jewels in the world are colored diamonds, with blue, pink, and green varieties being the most popular.

The combination of the Graff Pink's remarkable color and purity with the traditional emerald cut - a cutting style more often associated with white diamonds and much sought after when found in uncommon hues like pink and blue - makes it one of the most desirable diamonds.

Also, the Graff Pink has a remarkably gentle and appealing temperament and is among the world's top 2% of precious diamonds.

These factors make the Graff Pink Diamond more than just a magnificent gem. It's a work of nature that will be treasured for ages to come.
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