The Greatest Feast In History? Two Great Kings Spent A Fortune On It

Two of the most well-known kings in history spent a fortune on an 18-day party. What was the occasion for such a great feast?

For two and a half weeks in June 1520, two of Europe's greatest monarchs, Britain's Henry VIII and France's Francis I, joined hands to throw an unprecedented party.

Named after the gold material used for tents, costumes, and decorations at the time, the "Field of the Cloth of Gold" (French: Camp du Drap d'Or), it cost the equivalent of no less than 19 million dollars today.

The occasion gave the Kings Henry VIII and Francis I a chance to compete in opulence as well as in military might.

The Greatest Feast In History?

The "Field of the Cloth of Gold" was a high-level meeting between King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France on 7-24 June 1520, which consisted of a lavish party given by the two monarchs to confirm their good relations and their privileged status.
Kings Greatest Feast In History Great King Spent A Fortune On It
The summit took place in Balinghem, between Ardres in France and Guînes in the English Pale of Calais.

Between 7 and 24 June 1520, around 12,000 members of the royal houses, nobles, guests and servants gathered in the fields of northern France spend dreamy days and nights in temporary palaces built of brick, timber, cloth, and glass.

Guests enjoyed delicacies made from 29,000 fish, 98,000 eggs, 6,475 birds, 2,200 sheep, and endless mugs of wine.

According to Wikipedia, the summit was arranged to increase the bond of friendship between the two kings following the Anglo-French treaty of 1514. Although the meeting made a great impression on contemporaries, its political results were in fact very minor.

The "Field of the Cloth of Gold" was a very luxurious and expensive display of wealth by both kings. It may very well have been the greatest feast in history.

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