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Article: The Luckiest Woman In The World? Meet the "Queen of the Lottery"

The Luckiest Woman In The World? Meet the "Queen of the Lottery" - DSF Antique Jewelry
Luckiest Woman

The Luckiest Woman In The World? Meet the "Queen of the Lottery"

The story of Joan R. Ginther, a four-time lottery winner, is inexplicable. No one will be able to repeat her success, because these events occur only once "every four billion years".

You have to be very lucky to win the biggest prize in the lottery. A fairly common but unproven folk story says you are more likely to die in the next five minutes than win the jackpot. Probability and statistics are unfathomable.

But not for Joan R. Ginther, a woman from Texas who won the lottery four times, according to Epoch Times. And she won millions of dollars, not some spare change. It is supposed to be due to her in-depth knowledge of mathematics and, of course, due to her incredible luck.

Joan R. Ginther Was Called The Luckiest Woman In The World

Joan R. Ginther is now over 60 years old and has so far amassed a fortune of 20 million dollars winning in various important lotteries. It is very likely that this woman, a statistics genius, trained at Stanford University, deciphered the code that determines how the winning tickets are distributed, according to News.

In 1993, in the first lottery she participated in, Ginther won $ 5.4 million. A decade later, she won $ 2 million, and two years later, her fate smiled on her again with $ 3 million. In the summer of 2010, Ginther won $ 10 million at the Texas Lottery Extreme Payout contest, bringing her total winnings to $20.4 million.

"It is possible for a person to have the luck of Ginther once every four billion years. Since the Sun will orbit our planet in just five billion years, it is unlikely that another Earth, to repeat its success," says journalist Nathaniel Rich in Harper's Magazine.

More than a matter of luck, it seems to be related to science fiction, right?

Some Experts Are Skeptic Regarding Her Amazing Luck

"Is it an elaborate scam?" some of them wonder.

"When something so strange and unlikely happens in a casino, the person is first arrested and then questioned," said a professor at the International Gaming Institute, University of Nevada, who was consulted by journalist Nathaniel Rich. "It's very likely she was helped, or it's a scam."

After the Associated Press reported the story, Joan R. Ginther became famous around the world, being called the "Queen of the Lottery" or "The Luckiest Woman On Earth".

But the story did not end here. Websites and the media reporting on paranormal facts have concluded that Ginther is a true master of guessing. Although her first winning ticket was in 1993, the last three came after more than a decade, at two-year intervals.

Another fact they pointed out is that Joan R. Ginther moved from her hometown, Texas, to the city of gambling: Las Vegas.

"She should be blocked. She's definitely on my blacklist," the Texas lottery director admits in an interview with Harper's Magazine.

So, what do you think about Joan R. Ginther's story? Is she a genius, is she the luckiest woman in the world as many say, or do you also suspect it may be an elaborate scam behind the scenes?

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