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Article: The Perfect Honeymoon: Top Five Most Exotic Destinations

The Perfect Honeymoon: Top Five Most Exotic Destinations - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Perfect Honeymoon: Top Five Most Exotic Destinations

There are many exotic destinations where you can spend a perfect honeymoon, but some are more stunning than others. Check out is our top five most exotic honeymoon spots!

It is a known fact that many newlyweds are inclined to choose an exotic and romantic place to spend their honeymoon. Many of these destinations have enchanting natural scenery while offering them the opportunity to take part in activities organized especially for them.

To make your honeymoon a romantic and sensational holiday to remember for a lifetime, we present below a small selection of dream destinations. They have all the ingredients of the perfect honeymoon destination: long beaches, medieval temple towns, traditional villages, and last but not least fairytale landscapes.

Discover The Top Five Most Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Koh Samet 

Koh Samet is one of Thailand's nine picturesque National Park islands, offering white sandy beaches, turquoise blue crystal waters, and of course luxury resorts. The island is quite small, only 13 square km, and is located in the Gulf of Thailand, 220 km from Bangkok.

The scenery is purely enchanting, and the mysterious silence is broken only by the small waves gently lapping the white sandy beaches. The island's largest beach is Hat Sai Kaew, known as the "Diamond Beach".

You can take night trips around the island. Also, enthusiasts can visit the Ngao Waterfall, which is a few hours from Koh Samet Island and whose sound can be heard in the distance.

Koh Samet Island
Pictures Credit: Pixabay

You can go scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, or simply meditate and relax. The beaches on the southern side of this effectively isolated little island make it an ideal place for honeymooners. It is a paradise for honeymooners!

Restaurants serving delicious seafood dishes as well as annual festivals, exhibitions, and traditional rituals come and complement the wide range of services and entertainment offered by this lovely little island.


The newlyweds looking for a tropical romantic getaway will love spending time in Boracay. This majestic palm-fringed island, with fine sandy beaches and clear waters, is 300km from Manila.

Honeymooners should head straight to Balinghai, where they'll find a beach especially for them. The evening walks are a unique experience and the beauty of nature will take you to another world, a magical place of wonders.

the most beautiful beach in the world - Mount Luho
Pictures Credit: Pixabay
One of the beaches called the "White Beach" was nominated at one point as "the most beautiful beach in the world". You can also hike up Mount Luho, where the panoramic views of the island can take your breath away.

Boracay, with a lively atmosphere both day and night, is sometimes called the "Philippine Ibiza". It is definitely one of the top five most exotic destinations for a perfect honeymoon.

Bazaruto Island

It is the largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago. It belongs to the Inhassoro district of Inhambane province. The island, 35 km long and 6 km wide, is part of Mozambique's heritage

The coastal plains have numerous lakes and marshes that give a strange and wild impression. The Bazaruto Archipelago was declared a National Park in 1971. Here you can spend time on the beach, relaxing in a luxury island hotel, or exploring the beauty of nature. The archipelago is called the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean".

Pictures Credit: Pixabay
The breathtaking beauty of the corals complements the subtropical ecosystem, which is enriched by the abundance and beauty of tropical fish, crystal clear waters, and excellent fishing conditions. Here the newlyweds can snorkel, surf, fish, or for those who wish, dive.

The island has 4-star and one 5-star hotel, and some who have visited this exotic honeymoon destination say it is truly extraordinary.


If you don't want to spend your perfect honeymoon on an exotic island, then you can explore wondrous Nepal, with its rich history and culture, snow-capped mountains and tropical jungles, with tigers, elephants, and rhinos, all attractions for the many tourists.

Pokhara, Nepal's third-largest city, is set in an extremely scenic lakeside location. Situated at the foot of Annapurna, this impressive city surrounded by towering mountains lies in the heart of Nepal, 200 km from the capital Kathmandu.

Pokhara is the capital of the Kaski district in the Gandaki area. The climate is subtropical, with lots of rainfall, with summer temperatures between 30-35°C and winter temperatures of 15°C, with no snow or ice.

Pictures Credit: Pixabay
The mountains surrounding the town have peaks ranging from 1000 to 7500 meters and are eternally cloaked in blankets of snow, silently preserving many medieval ruins.

The town is popular with the newlyweds who like Himalayan adventurers, but also with those that want to have a dream holiday. It has beautiful lakes, canyons, waterfalls, historical sites, museums, festivals, and two temples, Bindhyabasini and Bhimsen, and the Nepalese are delighted to welcome visitors.

Honeymooners find Pokhara's hotels and restaurants very welcoming and can take excursions that offer unforgettable experiences.

Santorini Island

The Greek islands have been much sought after over the years for honeymooners, thanks to their turquoise waters, blue roofs, and white churches. The people, the relaxation, the culture, the sunsets - all these make Santorini the ideal destination for an unforgettable holiday and many couples consider it one of the most romantic places in the world.

So, it is almost certain that Santorini island is one of the top five most exotic honeymoon destinations in the world.

Located in the southern Aegean Sea 120 nautical miles from Crete, the island also attracts tourists because of the legend that the legendary Atlantis was discovered here.

Santorini Greece
Pictures Credit: Pixabay
Alongside Crete and Mykonos, Santorini is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations, and the number of tourists welcomed to the beautiful and spectacular island each year is many times greater than the number of the island's inhabitants.

All these exotic places bring something special. Go and enjoy the purity of nature. It will give us its wonders as long as we protect and respect it.

We hope you enjoyed discovering our top five most exotic honeymoon destinations. 

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