The Quietest Room in the World

Scientists have created a room that is so quiet that people can have hallucinations after entering it. In fact, no one was able to stay in this room for more than 45 minutes, it's that quiet!

It is the quietest place on earth and holds the Guinness World Record in this regard.

Scientists from Orfield Laboratories, Minneapolis, are the ones who created this soundproofed anechoic chamber. Surprisingly, their studies show that when subjects stay inside this room for more than 30 minutes, some of them begin to have hallucinations.

It is 99.99 percent sound absorbent. A quiet room has an average sound level of 30 decibels, the noise level of the soundproof room is -9 decibels. The ceiling, floor, and walls of the room absorb sound, instead of bouncing it off as normal objects usually do.

The Quietest Room on Earth can offer a Scary Experience

The room is so quiet that subjects can even hear how their internal organs are working. You will be able to hear your heart beating, your lungs, or your stomach gurgling loudly. This type of thing can be quite disturbing for some people.
The Quietest Room in the World
People can only hear things that are more than 0 decibels, which means that any ambient sounds in the room cannot be heard at all by those insides.

Although extremely interesting and unusual, the experience can be quite unpleasant. So far, no subject has spent more than 45 minutes in the room.

Today very few enjoy peace of mind and people are in constant motion. Maybe for a person who meditates frequently, the room can even be a pleasant experience, for others it can become a pretty scary experience - just you with your thoughts and absolute quiet.

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The quietest room in the world is now open to the general public and has even become a tourist hot spot. Go and visit it if you dare!

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