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Article: The Secrets Of Oriental Medicine: Efficient Recommendations For Disease Prevention

The Secrets Of Oriental Medicine: Efficient Recommendations For Disease Prevention - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Secrets Of Oriental Medicine: Efficient Recommendations For Disease Prevention

Discover the secrets of oriental medicine! Here is a set of simple, yet extremely efficient, recommendations for preventing diseases.

The recommendations of oriental medicine are wise pieces of advice that have been passed down to us from ancient times and offer us many practical guidelines for preventing, curing diseases, and maintaining good health.

These simple yet efficient recommendations coming from the mysterious oriental medicine are invaluable and are probably the simplest and shortest route to long-lasting health.

In the East, where the treatments used are very different from those in Western medicine, the priority is prevention and maintaining good health, according to The Epoch Times. Naturopathic doctors say it's important to prevent illness from occurring because when it is already present, we have to work to eliminate it.

This is why in Asia, for centuries, the most important thing has been considered to be maintaining harmony between the inner and outer world, between the human being and the Universe. Observance of these conditions is the fundamental guarantee of maintaining inner balance and optimal prophylaxis for most ailments.

We have selected some basic recommendations of oriental medicine, which are very useful in effectively combating many diseases.
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Oriental Medicine: Recommendations For Preventing Diseases

1. We need to maintain a "golden balance" in all the things we face throughout life: emotions, food, work, etc. Exaggerated feelings of joy and satisfaction are as harmful to health as sadness or anxiety, an aspect that few people are aware of.

It is important to remember that:

- Sitting too long damages the muscles;

- Prolonged walking damages ligaments;

- Standing too long damages the bones;

- Lying down for a long time damages vital energy;

- Prolonged contemplation harms the blood.

2. Eating less, but more often: this helps digestion. If we eat to the point of saturation after a long period of starvation, it will certainly lead to indigestion.

3. Let's try to feel gratitude in our hearts. A sincere smile and inner harmony - are the best remedies for the prevention of all diseases.

4. Let us keep our heads cold and our feet warm. This can prevent excessive accumulation of energy in the head region and condition the increase of blood pressure. In order to reduce it, we need to transmit energy to the feet - that's why we need to keep our feet warm at all times. Warming the feet by rubbing them can help prevent a heart attack.

5. Control our speech and thoughts: we need to choose carefully what to say and what not to say. Cells and tissues "absorb" all our thoughts, and the body can "hear" and feel everything we think and speak. Certain negative words and expressions, which we often utter unconsciously, are very destructive to our health.

6. Less worry - more action. As a wise man once said, if the problem can be solved, you don't have to worry, and if the problem cannot be solved, there is no point in worrying.

7. Educating the mind. In Asia, special techniques have been practiced throughout the ages to enable the heart and the mind to become one. Mediation can be very helpful in achieving this goal.
8. Every morning, we should do some simple physical exercises

- Massaging the head with a brush or fingers, gently running the entire surface of the head from the forehead to the crown of the head. Massage improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, effectively relieves headaches, and eliminates stress.

- Eye exercises: close your eyes tightly, contract your eyelids and then open them suddenly. Rotate the eyes from left to right 15 times and then in the opposite direction.

- Facial massage: rub hands together to warm them up. Place the palms on the face so that the middle fingers touch the nose from both sides. Massage the face, moving upwards towards the forehead, then - the cheeks. Massage improves brain function and normalizes blood pressure.

9. In spring we should go to bed while it is light and wake up early. In summer and autumn, it is important to go to bed early and get up early. In winter we should go to bed early and get up late.

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