The Story Of The Tiara Princess Diana Wore At Her Wedding

What happened to the famous diamond tiara Princess Diana - the late Princess of Hearts - wore at her wedding to Prince Charles?

Called the Spencer tiara, it was one of Princess Diana's favorite pieces, she wore it on her wedding day. But what happened to this amazing accessory - which has a special story behind it - after the Princess' tragic death?

Story Tiara Princess Diana Wore At Her Wedding

According to OK Magazine, Lady Diana Spencer paid a touching tribute to her family on her wedding day to Prince Charles by wearing the Spencer tiara, a stunning diamond tiara that has been in her family for decades.

After becoming Princess of Wales, Diana could be seen wearing the famous jewel at royal engagements, but after she lost her life in a car crash 25 years ago, not many people dared to wear it, so it was rarely seen in public.

The Story Of Princess Diana's Diamond Tiara

Adorned with precious dazzling diamonds, the famous tiara in its current form was created by Garrard in the 1930s, the same royal jeweler behind Princess Diana's iconic sapphire engagement ring from Prince Charles. It's an amazing jewelry piece, made by the master artisan with incredible skill and refinement.

As a royal bride, Princess Diana would have been eligible to wear a tiara from the Queen's personal jewelry collection on her big day. However, Diana's decision to wear something related to her loved ones was seen as a way to honor her own aristocratic family while joining the royal family.

The Story Of Tiara Princess Diana Wore At Wedding

The diamond tiara remained in the Spencer family's legacy and was worn by Celia McCorquodale, Princess Diana's granddaughter, at her wedding in 2018.

Before Diana's wedding, the tiara was also requested by her older sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes, at their wedding.

Earl Spencer's first wife, Victoria Lockwood, wore the stunning piece on their wedding day in 1989.

Some believe Earl Spencer's eldest daughter, Lady Kitty Spencer, should have worn it to her wedding last year, but didn't.

Kate Middleton Was Never Seen Wearing The Spencer Tiara

Despite being seen with several items from Diana's jewelry collection over the years, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has never been photographed wearing the Spencer diamond tiara.

Kate Middleton often wears a tiara that Princess Diana adored, but which is part of the Queen's collection.               

Princess Charlotte, Diana's eldest granddaughter, may have the Spencer tiara in the future, as well as Diana's youngest granddaughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

According to an insider, William is close to his uncle and has asked if the tiara bearing his mother's name could be given to Charlotte one day. The prince is aware that he has daughters of his own, but the two agree that Diana's iconic piece belongs to her first niece.

The Spencer tiara was exhibited by Sotheby's London earlier this year to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Britons celebrated the Platinum Jubilee, which marked Queen Elizabeth II's 70th birthday, from 2-4 June. Queen Elizabeth II, 96 years old, is the first British sovereign to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

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