The Strange Cat Who Likes... Skateboarding

Many pet owners wonder if their cats can be trained. An answer might be in the video below.

In general, cats are solitary and independent creatures. They do not need training. They are capable of taking care of themselves. They can be left alone without fear and most of them greet us with affection when we arrive home. In a word, they are convenient.

However, small felines can prove easy to train. Take for example Didga, an intelligent cat who has become viral on social media. When commanded to "rollover", without hesitation, the cat does as the two giant  Rottweilers next to her do.

Didga is a cat rescued from a shelter, and from her Facebook page, we learn that she likes to go for walks on a leash, go skateboarding, or go riding in a car.

The Cat Who Likes Skateboarding

And because it's worth seeing, let us explore a clip of Didga... skateboarding.

Didga is a cat without complexes, with behavior in everyday life that would make us think of a puppy, let alone a cat.

Sleeping from morning to night is not this cat's specialty, but leash rides, car rides, and... skateboarding.

Australian Robert Dollwets, the strange cat's owner and a dog trainer by trade, says Didga is trained and raised like a puppy.

"When I go for walks with Didga on a leash, the most common thing people say to me is: she probably thinks she's a dog. And I answer: no, I think she is a dog."

Before she became a professional skateboarder, Didga trained for many years, a great advantage taking into consideration her innate skills, but for her, it's all in good fun.

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