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Article: The Underwater Treasure That Is Worth $700 trillion

The Underwater Treasure That Is Worth $700 trillion - DSF Antique Jewelry

The Underwater Treasure That Is Worth $700 trillion

There is a massive hidden gold treasure at the bottom of the oceans. And it's worth around 700 trillion dollars!

Edward Sonstadt, a UK chemist, has managed to make a sensational discovery: a gold treasure that no one knows about and that lies somewhere deep under the oceans. It's never been mined from there before, and the 20 million tonnes of gold estimated to be underwater are worth 700 trillion dollars.

In addition, another 57,000 tonnes of gold in the Earth's subsurface are waiting to be unearthed.

Over the centuries there have been many researchers or treasure hunters who wanted to bring gold from the oceans to the surface, but they failed due to not finding a suitable, sustainable technology, according to Sci Tech Daily.

The Man Who Discovered The Hidden Underwater Treasure

The first person to discover the existence of gold in the depths of the world's oceans was Edward Sonstadt in 1872, but he did not take any action to enrich himself.

The first to try was reverend Prescott Ford Jernegan of present-day New England, a region in the northern United States, who built a wooden box with holes in it that had a layer of solid mercury mixed with a secret ingredient inside.

In 1900, inventor Henry Clay Bull applied for a patent on a method of extracting gold from water, but even he failed to strike it rich.

In 1990, researchers discovered in a study that there is about one gram of gold in every hundred million tonnes of sea or ocean water. Scientists have calculated that the world's oceans contain 20 million tonnes of gold, according to Forbes.

But There Is A Problem

The amount of gold hidden in the Earth's oceans is enough to provide each inhabitant of our planet with about 2.5 kilograms of gold. But extracting gold from the depths requires special technologies, which so far are not sustainable.

In addition, it should be noted that all the estimated gold in the Earth's subsoil, outside the oceans, would fit into a 23 by 23 meter (75 by 75 foot) cube - that’s about the length of a cricket pitch. Despite the fact that there are numerous technologies for mining gold from the ground, humans have not been able to bring all the treasures to the surface, according to IFL Science.

The estimated amount of gold mined throughout history is said to be around 187,000 tonnes, with the total amount discovered underground on our planet being around 244,000 tonnes.

Approximately 2,756 to 3,307 tonnes of gold are mined each year, with more than 30% of all gold coming from the Witwatersrand Basin mine in South Africa. Currently, China is the largest gold producer, while the largest gold mining complex is Barrick Gold's Nevada mine, which produces 99,223 kilograms (3.5 million ounces) a year.

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