Three Unusual Sightseeing Tours

For most of us, holidays mean golden beaches and idyllic landscapes. When we conjure up the perfect holiday in our minds, we think of exotic and amazing destinations, dream experiences, and the highest quality service. Almost every one of us secretly dreams of that perfect, comforting holiday.

But there are also nonconformist people, those who choose to go to places that don't appear on travel agents' itineraries. If you're bored of the same old tourist destinations, here are three unusual sightseeing tours that are out of the ordinary.

Admiring Alien Art

Although the United Kingdom isn't really associated with unexplained phenomena and extraterrestrial visitations, you might wonder what about Stonehenge, as this is where things start to get weird.

From "alien circles" in the moors, spheres of light, and strange energy fields, to the mysterious Stonehenge rock formations, there are tour groups that specialize in such unconventional guided tours.

One route offers groups flying by plane over the "alien circles" in the moors, after which tourists can walk among them while listening to stories about various contacts with alien civilizations.

On one company's website, there is a warning that these strange energies can cause cameras and laptops to fail permanently. People with pacemakers are specifically asked not to participate in these tours.

Exploring A Nuclear Disaster Zone

Although it probably poses a major health risk, it is now possible to take part in a guided tour of the village of Chernobyl in Ukraine, the site of the Soviet Union's worst nuclear disaster since 1986. Chernobyl is believed to be the worst nuclear power plant accident in history and is still full of radiation in places. The area is now an abandoned wasteland that looks desolate, essentially a ghost town.

Groups are driven through government checkpoints in the Exclusion Zone, an area of about 30km still off-limits except for visits included in special tours. The tourists are then taken to the Chernobyl power plant and have the opportunity to get within 30 meters of reactor number 4, the cause of the horrific disaster.

On the way to the nuclear plant, the group stops in the almost entirely buried village of Kopachi, where visitors have the opportunity to enter eerie kindergarten classrooms where dust-covered toys still await children who will never return. Although creepy, this tour shows us exactly how fragile human lives can be.

Prison Tour Guided By One Of The Killers

In La Paz, Bolivia, tourists can pay criminals to take them on guided tours of the city's prisons. Although officially this is not allowed by the authorities, bribing guards and officials allows the curious to see inside a place most hope to escape from, according to

San Pedro Prison is an unusual prison where families of inmates can choose to live inside the prison with their law-breaking relatives. Those who are incarcerated must pay rent on their prison "apartments", and this prison is a mixture of living conditions - decent conditions for those with money, or rat-infested shacks for the very poor. Another interesting thing about this Bolivian prison is that the cops can be found outside the gates. They are not allowed inside to control the criminal population.

For the San Pedro prison tour, you need a lot of confidence and courage. Paying to be stuck behind bars with criminals for an unguarded tour sounds pretty adventurous.

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