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Article: Timeless Wisdom: The Ancient Secret Of Feminine Beauty

Timeless Wisdom: The Ancient Secret Of Feminine Beauty - DSF Antique Jewelry
Feminine Beauty

Timeless Wisdom: The Ancient Secret Of Feminine Beauty

The ancient secret of feminine beauty is not what you think. We will take you on a fascinating journey to ancient China to learn about it.

In modern society, feminine beauty is mainly associated with slender women with a beautiful figures. Today it's all about the superficial aspects of female beauty, without paying attention to the fact that true beauty emanates from a beautiful soul.

According to The Epoch Times, the famous Chinese writer Cai Yun (132-192) wrote about his daughter's upbringing in his treatise "Lessons for Women" that he did not care whether his daughter dressed elegantly or used cosmetics. In fact, he was of the opinion that to go out in society, it is enough for women to wear discreet make-up and to clean and care for their hair.

But Cai Yun stressed that the most important aspect is cultivating inner beauty - far more important than outer adornment. This is, in fact, the true ancient secret of feminine beauty.

In "Lessons for Women" Cai Yun writes: "Beautiful should be not only the head and face but also the heart. If you don't wash your face, it becomes dirty. If you don't cultivate your goodness, evil thoughts will find their way into your heart. Everyone knows how to put on make-up, but not everyone knows how to cultivate goodness."

"That's why, when you look in the mirror, I believe your heart is pure. When you put on perfume, I believe that in your heart there is peace and tranquility. When you put on makeup, I think your spirit is pure. When you wash your head, I think, your mind is calm. When you comb your hair, I think your reason is alert. When you braid your hair, I think your nature is fair and elegant, like your hairstyle. When you do your hair, I think your heart is set in order."

Women in ancient China also had to pay attention to external beauty, but this is fleeting. Much more important was the emphasis on inner beauty.

Discover The Ancient Secret Of Feminine Beauty

Kindness and good taste were part of feminine beauty. As early as the Zhou dynasty (1050 - 256 BC), in Chinese society, it was considered that a woman should possess four virtues: decency in behavior, speech, relationships, and at work. These four virtues were considered the traits of an exceptional woman at that time.

"The female nature is not necessarily characterized by a beautiful face and perfect figure, but women's work should be efficient and skillful."
Asian fashion Ancient Secret Of Feminine Beauty
"To preserve chastity with care, to be courteous in her behavior; in manners to show modesty, to weigh every word before she says it, to avoid vulgarity, not to start a conversation from a mere desire to talk and not to talk too much, tiring the interlocutor - these are the virtues of a woman".

"Not to take part in spreading rumors and laughing senselessly, to respect cleanliness and order - the criteria for a woman of high virtue. No woman should be without these virtues".

The Secret Of Feminine Beauty Is Balance

In Chinese culture, the family is the basic pillar of society, as it nurtures the sacred values that are fundamental for a harmonious social community, maintaining a state of balance and justice in the cosmos.

The foundations of traditional Chinese morality in the family have their roots in Confucianism. The people believed that marriage is a combination of morality and responsibility and is based on values such as dignity, responsibility, empathy, and love.

In this union, the wife has an important task: to be respectful, kind, pleasant, and benevolent.

The historian of the Eastern Han dynasty, Peng Zhao (202 BC - 220 AD) recorded his knowledge and experience in his first book on female principles, "Nutze" (translated as "Female Principles").

In this book, he explains that the Yin and Yang characters are distinct, so the behavior of men and women differ. Yang (male) embodies strength and righteousness, and Yin (female) is characterized by refinement and kindness. Thus, men's strength and nobility can be admired, while women's beauty is expressed through gentleness and softness.

In Eastern philosophy, Yin and Yang are the components of the natural beginning of our Universe. Thus, Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon, light and dark, man and woman must fulfill equal missions in order to live in harmony with the universe.

The Essence Of True Feminine Beauty

According to ancient Chinese canons, the image of the modern woman is at odds with the ancient feminine qualities, because the primordial feminine nature remains in shadow. Many modern people ignore ancient traditional values, so it seems that today, Yin and Yang are reversed, with men frequently displaying feminine behavior, while women have a character with masculine traits.
During the flourishing period of ancient China, women were not submissive or subordinate. It was clear to them that rigidity did not mean power. A woman must be wise to be strong. To maintain a balance in the family and in society, one must be compassionate and act kindly and graciously.

In ancient China, women were respected if they were polite and modest, i.e. when they corresponded to this universal law.

From the moment women wanted to become "strong", their positive side began to suffer, and their ability to be a support to the family began to diminish. At the same time, the negative traits began to manifest themselves more and more. For example, when the wife loses the Yin character and develops the Yang quality - there can be no harmony in the family.

The woman whose character is dominated by the Yang energy encounters difficulties in relationships with men because two Yang personalities together lead to quarrels. An old proverb says: "where two tigers fight, there are victims". When the pre-determined differences between man and woman are altered, a family can fall apart and good relations between partners can disappear.

Only if each keeps the characteristics of his or her own type of being is it possible to achieve a harmonious balance, and the family and society will be in natural harmony.

It seems ancient people knew better than us modern people the true secret of feminine beauty and grace.

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