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Article: What Does Dreaming about Gold Mean? Symbolism and Interpretations

What Does Dreaming about Gold Mean? Symbolism and Interpretations

What Does Dreaming about Gold Mean? Symbolism and Interpretations

You had a vivid dream about gold and you don't know what it means? Is it a good or a bad omen? Since ancient times, there have been many interpretations, based on specific circumstances.

This precious yellow metal is associated with wealth, money, riches, power, and success, but also with negative aspects such as greed, avarice, or covetousness (hence, some of the negative interpretations of the visualization of gold in most books that decode dream imagery).

At the same time, dreaming about gold may also have deep spiritual meanings behind it.

Let us explore this subject a bit further.

What Does Dreaming About Gold Mean?

Gold appearing in your dream can be a symbol of material wealth, but it can also symbolize greed, temptation, according to Cancan Magazine.

If you dream of gold it may mean also mean that you have a hidden desire to get rich. Will it come true? It remains to be seen what fate has in store for you.

Gold can also symbolize the values you live by or the things you value most in life. The message can be to appreciate more your qualities, your inner resources that you tend to underestimate.

Or perhaps it represents spiritual enlightenment, the development of the Inner Self. It may mean that it is time to pay more attention to spiritual development, to appreciate and value yourself.

What Does Dreaming About Gold Mean Jewelry?

When you dream of gold jewelry it is a sign that you consider yourself a person of many qualities, you think extremely highly of yourself, but above all that you set high standards for yourself.

Gold jewelry may represent the spiritual wealth that you show every day to the society in which you live. You want to show that your opinion matters, that you have a mind full of vital information, and that you are a person from whom many could learn.

Also, on a psychological level, dreaming of gold jewelry may reflect your need for affection or your longing for a loved one long gone.

- a dream in which you receive gold jewelry predicts marriage to a rich person

- the gold ring or wedding ring in your dream is a sign of a long-lasting marriage

- gold leaves in the dream indicate a pleasant and bright future

- gold coins in a dream symbolize materialism

- gold nuggets in a dream signify wealth and honor

- gold coin in your dream means success and wealth; when you dream that you are counting them it is a sign of a period full of deprivation

- the gold ingot is a sign of sorrow

- the golden brooch foretells the birth of a child

- the gold watch means that you are doing well and have many joys

- the golden cross means that you will be spoken well of by people around you

Meanings Depending On The Circumstances In Which Gold Appears In Dreams

- if you dream that you see gold this signifies prosperity and respect; a lot of gold in your dream may signify you are striving to make progress in all respects; when you dream of gold shining, it means that you are wasting too much

- if you find gold in your dream it is a sign of good luck, especially in terms of interpersonal relationships; you will gain new knowledge, new experiences; it can also mean personal growth, development of self-esteem

- if you dream that you find gold, this has nothing to do with getting rich so don't get your hopes up

- if when you dream that you are burying the gold, it means you are trying to hide something about yourself

- if you dream you're washing gold, it means success is coming and you have to work hard for it

- if you dream that you are working in a gold mine, beware of scandals. When you dream that you are drilling for gold, it means that prosperity awaits you

- if you dream that you are transporting gold it is a sign of danger and cunning

- if you dream that you are stealing gold, it means you will receive good news

- if you dream that you are selling gold, it means you have lost friends because of stinginess

- if you dream that you lose gold, you will lose the esteem of a close person (boyfriend/girlfriend)

- if you dream of gold dust dripping through your fingers, this signifies your regret over a lost relationship; you feel you have made a big mistake

- if you dream of a gold tooth, you should save money for your wedding

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