What Will The World Look Like In 2050: 20 Mind-Blowing Things From The Future

Our science and technology are evolving at an incredible speed. What will the world look like in 2050? Here are 20 mind-blowing things from the future!

While the future may terrify some people because of climate change, global population growth, or dwindling natural resources, many advances in science and technology will certainly be realized.

A British expert has revealed his vision of the future, making predictions about the year 2050, such as autonomous cars, holograms, and household robots.

 World Look Like In 2050: 20 Mind-Blowing Things From The Future

Futurologist Dr. James Bellini from the UK has predicted the most important things that will become popular by 2050, according to the Daily Star.

Mind-Blowing Things From The Future

The expert believes that in 2050, autonomous cars will be all the rage and less stressful for today's drivers, who will become mere passengers or tourists.

Dr. James Bellini also believes that in 30 years, there will be vertical farms rather than normal, horizontal ones in large fields. Other predictions point to smart kettles, which will automatically make our coffee or tea, and advanced apps that will help with recycling and waste management.

The British specialist says that a survey of 2,000 people found that one of the most impressive predictions of the future to 2050 would be smart fridges that will automatically refill themselves.

Self-stocking smart fridges will be the most useful piece of tech in the future, Dr. James Bellini said, noting that households will likely use drones to restock the fridge from the outside.

And one in five people thinks robots will help with cleaning and other household chores in most homes.

"Technology can help. We’ve got to tackle things like how we produce our food, store it, transport it, and package it.

Another area is water – we’re going to be very short on water in the years to come, and according to some figures, 70% of all water used goes on farming. That’s 2.5 trillion cubic meters per year globally.

In 30 years or so, we will have vertical farms, and grow things upwards in towers.  Historians will look back and joke about how we used to grow all our food on horizontal planes when there is so much space to use up above," the expert said.

Dr. James Bellini says that after 2030, trips to Mars will be the order of the day.

"From about 2030 onwards you’ll see the Mars programs kicking in, and the possibility within that decade – men and women landing on Mars and creating self-sustaining economies".

Top Predictions For The Future - 2050

- Autonomous, self-driving cars

- Smart fridges that manage shelf life and restock themselves

- Apps to help with recycling

- Lab-grown meats

- Smart kettles that make you a cup of tea/coffee

- Windows that tiny automatically in the sunshine

- Holograms

- Robotic housekeeping

- Hoverboards

- None of these

- Healthy junk food

- Flying cars

- A machine that can perfectly wrap any gift you put in it

- Food that doesn't go off

- A foolproof pill to cure a hangover

- Chocolate that doesn't melt

- Jet packs

- Smellovision

- A mirror to apply make-up for you

- Ovens that plate up your food once cooked

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