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Article: Why Are The Japanese So Slim?

Why Are The Japanese So Slim? - DSF Antique Jewelry
Interesting Facts

Why Are The Japanese So Slim?

The Japanese are known to be naturally very slim and live longer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) report they have an average life expectancy of around 85 years and the lowest percentage of obesity. This is due to the effects of the "Japanese Diet."

Compared to the diets of Western peoples, the Japanese have a wide variety of foods, with recent studies showing that Japanese eat more than 100 different types of food each week, while people in the West eat only about 30 different types of food.

Until recently it was thought that everything was influenced by genes, but when the Japanese adopted the Western diet, their weight rapidly increased.

Solving The Puzzle: Why Are The Japanese So Slim?

Let us explore together Japanese eating habits. Delicious foods low in calories and in a healthy balance, arranged as attractively as possible on many plates and in different bowls, are served in small portions and eaten slowly in a relaxed state.

According to studies, the Japanese eat on average 25 percent fewer calories than Americans.
japanese woman slim kimono
Pictures Credit: Pixabay
We all know that the Japanese prefer rice. Japanese rice is generally cooked and eaten without the use of butter or oil. It is served in a small bowl at every meal, including breakfast. It is low in calories and makes you feel full.

Regular consumption of vegetables. The Japanese love vegetables, almost all types of food are combined with different vegetables, 4-5 different types of vegetables can be served at a meal, both cooked and raw.

The Japanese also prefer to eat fish such as salmon, fresh tuna, mackerel, sardines, and herring, which are the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, known for their beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. The Japanese rarely eat red meat and bread.

Even The Japanese Dessert Is Healthy

The Japanese like to eat healthy desserts. The typical Japanese dessert is a variety of fruit, peeled and cut, arranged on a plate, or antioxidant-rich green tea served in a nice, unsweetened cup. Westerners prefer things such as creams, cakes, or ice creams.

japanese sweets

Picture Credit: Instagram yoshidaya1856
Another important aspect that makes Japanese people so slim is that they walk or cycle a lot every day. In construction there is a rule that does not allow elevators in buildings that are only 4 stories high, this gives more opportunities for residents to burn calories.

So these are some of the most reasons why the Japanese are so slim - the properly balanced food habits, as well as their active lifestyles.

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