Amazing Handbags Inspired By The Ancient Art Of Origami

The fashion world is fascinating: Just look at these graceful handbags inspired by the ancient art of paper folding, also known as origami! They evoke the lightness of paper in a truly amazing way!

Yes, everyone knows that women love bags, and they have impressive collections in their wardrobe. Today, we will talk about a special type of unique bag - the origami handbag.

It's an original accessory, elegant, and at the same time exclusive, and original. Are you ready for love at first sight?

Origami Handbags - The New Trendy Micro-Gadgets

According to The Epoch Times, origami is an ancient traditional Japanese art that highlights paper by folding and cutting it to obtain different geometric shapes or small three-dimensional sculptures.

This Japanese tradition is evoked by the handbag models made by designer Sara Giunti - founder of the brand L'ed emotion design. Named Galaxy and Quasar, these two bag models are characterized by a strong oriental inspiration. Two precious accessories, perfect for exclusive events and refined appearances.

The Galaxy handbag, available in white leather and a glamorous metallic version, is a mini bag with a shoulder strap. The one that operates the closure system is the very "logo" of the Sara Giunti brand, evoking the shapes of the Japanese kimono in the origami version. The closure is actually constructed using the intersection of three triangles drawing origami - kimono.

Amazing Handbags Inspired Ancient Art Of Origami
Handbags Inspired By The Ancient Art Of Origami

The Quasar handbag is a leather bag with a zipper that combines elegance and innovation. The brand's bags are equipped with a special, patented mechanism that, thanks to a sensor, triggers the lighting of LEDs that illuminate the inside of the bag when it is opened.

Handbags Inspired The Ancient Art Origami

Discover Benedetta Bruzziches's Book Bag

Designer Benedetta Bruzziches created a fascinating accessory full of charm and femininity: The Book Bag.

When the art of paper folding joins the universe of books, personal notebooks and merges with the world of bags, the little bag created by Benedetta Bruzziches is born. The designer creates mini bags in the shape of a book, with a black leather cover that can be written on. Using chalk you can personalize the bag, erasing and rewriting the message whenever you want.

Origami- Amazing Handbags Inspired The Ancient Art Of Origami

Benedetta Bruzziches' creations, called the Book Bags, are a kind of storybook and therefore offer every woman her own personal book to keep her most important things in.

The shades of the "book bag" are numerous and range from yellow to red to pink and can change depending on the occasion and mood.

Ancient Art Of Origami Amazing Handbags Art Of Origami Wow


Photo cover:  "Book Bag" (

Photo  1,2, 3 - Sara Giunti

Photo  4, 5 - Benedetta Bruzziches


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