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Article: Amethyst, Citrine & Garnet Jewelry - The Secret Powers Of Gemstones

Amethyst, Citrine & Garnet Jewelry - The Secret Powers Of Gemstones - DSF Antique Jewelry

Amethyst, Citrine & Garnet Jewelry - The Secret Powers Of Gemstones

Welcome to the mysterious world of gemstone jewelry! Many people may not know, but it is said that amethyst, citrine, and garnet jewelry bestow secret powers upon the wearer.

It's no secret for practitioners of crystal therapy that many semiprecious stones can emit hidden vibrations that are beneficial to our inner balance and health.

The secret powers of gemstones have been studied since immemorial times, and semi-precious stone jewelry has been worn for ritual purposes since the time of the ancient Egyptians or Greeks. Many practitioners of healing crystal therapy believe that these special jewels have the power to bring body and spirit into harmony.

According to research on crystal therapy, the most potent gemstones not only protect us from stress, fatigue and emotions, but they also have a tangible effect on the body. It is also said that the energy these stones emit is subtle and works over time, which is why you need to wear them for a long time.

Crystal therapy is usually recommended for everyone, regardless of age, but it must be used taking into consideration the different secret powers of each specific stone.

We will talk about three of the most powerful gemstones that are good for our health and also look amazing in jewelry - amethyst, citrine, and garnet. They are said to prevent the onset of chronic illnesses, as well as the onset of inflammation, infections, or passing colds.

The Secret Powers Of Amethyst, Citrine & Garnet Jewelry

1. The Hidden Energies Of Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst jewelry is said to help you balance the body and mind. It is considered one of the most powerful healing crystals. The darker it is, the more beneficial it is for the body. It was once believed that amethyst could transform negative energies into love and protect people from jealousy, hatred, and revenge.

In addition, amethyst is said to be a good guard against specific female diseases such as breast cancer.

Purple amethysts should be worn on the skin, as close to the head and heart as possible. Amethyst earrings and pendants are the most suitable jewelry to guard against insomnia, headaches, blood pressure disorders, and heart disease.

Amethyst also balances the production of specifically female hormones and prevents the development of diseases of the genital tract. You should know that amethyst's potency weakens when in contact with the sun, but acts more strongly at night while you sleep.

2. The Secrets Of Garnet Jewelry

Garnet has the power to revitalize the whole body. Red like wine and full of energy, garnet jewelry is said to restore the body's energy after any illness and refresh the blood.

You can wear garnets on your ring, left hand, neck, and ears. If you wear a whole set of garnet jewelry pieces, the energy will increase and will be felt throughout your body.

Garnet jewelry is beneficial during periods of convalescence, as it can help to better assimilate vitamins and minerals. It is also helpful during the menstrual cycle and reduces blood loss.

Garnet jewelry purifies the blood, restores hormonal balance, helps the kidneys, heart, and lungs, and protects the body's immunity.

Garnets restore not only physical energy but also mental tone. They are suitable for people who are experiencing emotional problems, people who have been abused and dominated, and who are trying to regain control and self-control.

3. The Secret Universe Of Citrine Jewelry

Citrine jewelry helps the soul. Thanks to its golden color, citrine is said to bring prosperity into the home and make life smoother and more beautiful. But it is also among the best crystals for people's health.

It's good to wear citrine jewelry in the heart and pelvis area, for example, a pendant or bracelet, because citrine helps with severe menstrual pain and hormonal problems. It balances a woman's body during menopause and makes hot flashes and migraines more bearable.

Citrin jewelry also stimulates digestion and the proper functioning of the spleen and liver. It also helps the thyroid to function within normal limits and protects the kidneys and urinary tract infections.

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