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Article: Ancient Wisdom: The Mysteries of the Jade Stone

Ancient Wisdom: The Mysteries of the Jade Stone - DSF Antique Jewelry
Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom: The Mysteries of the Jade Stone

Chinese and Westerners have very different views regarding jade, a semi-precious gemstone that has fascinated mankind since ancient times.

The jade stone has special features. It is solid, compact, and impossible to erode. Even when it is covered in dust, its characteristics do not change. After a serious cleaning with the brush, it again shows its true nature.

In Western mineralogy and petrology, stones and minerals are studied on the basis of physics and chemistry, according to Scientists are researching their composition and how they formed. So they are classified and evaluated according to research.

The ancient Chinese, on the other hand, studied stones and minerals in connection with the spiritual world. The great Chinese philosopher Confucius reportedly said, "A noble man has the same characteristics as jade". What does that mean exactly?

The Spiritual Qualities of the Jade Stone

The Chinese classify jade according to its fineness, density and strength, not according to its composition. Color is also important. Only jade that is monochrome benefits from a good ranking, the one with more colors is not appreciated. Pure white jade is considered very special and was very appreciated by the Chinese emperors.

In ancient times, jade was worn in order to always remind people of the preservation of moral values.

It is one of the sacred stones for the Chinese people, and it symbolizes five fundamental virtues of humanity - courage, wisdom, righteousness, compassion, and modesty. The Chinese symbols of these virtues were often sculpted in jade in Ancient China.

Confucianism believes that a noble man should show great tolerance when interacting with others, but be very strict with himself. Also, a noble man should not show his strengths and what he excels at, but rather keep it to himself.

The characteristics of the jade stone are very similar to those of the noble man. Thus, in ancient times, the Chinese used and wore jade because of its moral and spiritual qualities. There is an old saying in this regard, "A noble man compares his morality with his jade's traits."

The ancient Chinese believed in the existence of Deities. The deities protected the people, and the people, in turn, behaved according to the moral standards set by the deities, in order to have a better life. To thank the Divinities for giving them a better life, people began to hold memorial services.  From then on, people started to use jade to show respect to Gods, heaven, and earth.

There were very strict rules in ancient China regarding the use of jade. The emperor, the ministers, and the officials each used jade differently. The purpose of wearing jade was not to display one's wealth but to remind people to watch their minds and behavior, and uphold the virtues and morality the jade stone is associated with.

Nowadays, most people use it to display their wealth, they are unaware of the jade stone's deep spiritual side. Its true meaning has been forgotten, very few people still know its original use.

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